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Overview of The Document Tracker Tool | Plagiarism seo tools

If you are concerned about someone using GPT to write your article, we have a solution. This solution allows us to access the edit history of the latest version and determine how many edits have been made. It captures all major edits made by the writer.


Currently, there is no reliable way to detect well-written AI-generated content. However, the writing patterns on a Google Doc can give you an idea of whether an article is plagiarized or not. The most important requirement is that the entire article should be written on Google Docs, end-to-end.

How Does it Work

The way this extension works is by allowing us to examine every revision with a precision of one second. This is far superior to Google’s default UI division. It also provides stats on the number of words written by the writer.

This feature allows us to examine the typing pattern and make precise judgments on whether the article has been copied by any AI-based tools such as GPT.

How to Get the Add-On

The extension can be downloaded by anyone by visiting this link.

We plan to add many advanced features to detect AI-based content or typing. This will enable us to examine in detail how many edits were made every second, whether text was copied and pasted, and many other interesting things that could help us detect plagiarism.

If you are using any other SEO tools, please let us know. We have developed many SEO tools for the community. So, if you have any feature requests or other ideas for us to build, please drop us an email.

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