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Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing provides users with a variety of innovative features. Integrated inside the Bing search engine, Bing Chat can be used for generating stories, songs, reports, images, and more. So, let’s understand how Bing AI Chat works and how you can use it. 

What is Bing Chat?

The Microsoft Bing date launched was in February 2023 when they unveiled an upgraded version of the Bing search engine featuring a cutting-edge chat function, powered by advanced artificial intelligence (AI) similar to that of ChatGPT. Bing Chat is a feature embedded in the Bing search engine, enabling users to interact with an AI chatbot rather than typing queries. 

This chat feature enhances search results through intelligent responses, interactive exploration, visual content, and personalized suggestions. Bing Chat aims to improve search engine efficiency by allowing natural language queries. It stands out by generating both written and visual content within the chat. 

Therefore, it offers more visually engaging responses with graphs and charts. It has evolved from a text-based approach to supporting multi-session productivity scenarios, including chat history and ongoing conversations within the Edge browser. 

Bing AI Chat Language Model

Bing Chat is built on OpenAI’s ChatGPT version 4 Large Language Model. This chatbot provides responses that closely resemble human conversations. Diverging from conversational search engines, it enhances user interaction by offering creative, well-rounded, and accurate response formats tailored to the individual’s preferences. 

The integration of GPT-4 empowers Bing AI chat bot to adeptly address diverse queries, providing detailed and natural responses accompanied by source-linked footnotes. Furthermore, Bing Chat extends its capabilities to assist in creative tasks such as crafting songs, poetry, and stories, highlighting the versatility of this technology.

What is the Difference Between Bing Chat and ChatGPT?

Both Bing Chat and ChatGPT use OpenAI’s GPT-4 model; there are distinctive differences, such as:

  • Access to the Internet: While Bing Chat has the capability to access the Internet, ChatGPT lacks this feature. Consequently, Bing Chat can offer users more comprehensive and accurate responses by leveraging web searches to gather additional information. 
  • Image Generation: Bing Chat incorporates an image generation feature powered by DALL-E, enabling it to create visual content. In contrast, ChatGPT is limited to generating text-based responses and does not possess image-generation capabilities.
  • Limitations: Bing Chat imposes restrictions, limiting users to 30 chats per session or a maximum of 300 daily interactions. On the other hand, ChatGPT places constraints on free plan users, allowing 30 messages per hour and 50 messages every three hours for ChatGPT Plus subscribers.
  • Accessibility: Bing Chat is available to anyone with a Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 account, providing widespread accessibility. ChatGPT offers a free version but access to GPT-4 requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus, priced at $20 per month. 

How to Use Bing AI Chat?

You can access Bing AI Chat through the Microsoft Edge web browser. Alternatively, you can use third-party extensions to use the new Bing AI via Google Chrome. However, the latter search engine does not have official support from Microsoft.

Follow the below steps for Bing AI chat access: 

Step 1: Open the Microsoft Edge browser. 

Step 2: Navigate to Bing.com. 

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Step 3: You will have a couple of options to open the Bing AI Chat feature after the 2nd step. Click on the “Chat” option at the top of your screen or select the Bing logo in the right-hand top corner. You can also click on “Try it” or “Learn more” options below the search bar if they are available. 

Make sure to Sign in using your Microsoft account. If you do not have this account, you can use any email address as the user name. 

Step 4: At the top of the screen, you can choose between traditional search or the Bing AI Chat. Choose among the three conversation styles where you can get imaginary and unique responses for opting for more creative options. You get informative and conversational answers when you select more balanced, clear, and fact-based answers for selecting more precise. 

Step 5: In this step, you can start asking questions to the Bing AI Chat. You can directly type into the prompt box, or use the microphone, or an image to ask the relevant questions. Bing AI Chat also gives you the option to export the chat results in Word, Word online, PDF, or text format.

Bing AI Chat Interface

You can easily access Bing AI Chat with Microsoft Edge. Click the Bing Chat icon at the top right of the browser sidebar to open the chat layout. You will notice several key elements on the screen:

  • Text Area: Positioned at the bottom of the screen, the text area serves as the space for users to input messages and queries. This interactive feature allows a straightforward interaction with Bing Chat.
  • New Topic: By selecting “New Topic,” users can reset ongoing conversations, providing a convenient way to initiate a fresh discussion and explore different subjects within Bing Chat. 
  • Sources: Bing employs conversational AI to respond intelligently, presenting answers derived from web sources. Unlike traditional search engines, Bing Chat integrates this information seamlessly into its responses, providing users with a more comprehensive understanding. 
  • Suggested Follow-up Questions: After receiving a response, Bing Chat goes the extra mile by suggesting follow-up questions. This feature encourages users to delve deeper into a topic or explore related subjects, enhancing the conversational and exploratory nature of the interaction. 
  • Search or Chat: Users have the flexibility to switch effortlessly between traditional search results and AI chatbots. This dynamic feature accommodates various user preferences and needs, offering a versatile search and chat experience. 
  • Conversation Style: Bing Chat aims for a more human-like interaction compared to traditional search engines. Users can choose from three response styles, namely “more creative,” “more balanced,” and “more precise.” This allows users to allow for a personalized and engaging conversation.
  • Prompt Counter: To keep users informed, Bing Chat displays a prompt counter during conversation, tracking the number of responses exchanged. This feature ensures users stay within the 20-response limit per conversation, providing clarity and efficiency.
  • Feedback Button: Located at the bottom-right corner, this button empowers users to share insights with Microsoft Bing. Whether it is suggestions, preferences, or dislikes, you can even include a screenshot to provide feedback.

What is Bing Used For?

The Bing AI search and chat function caters to seasoned and novice professionals in various fields. Let’s check some of the instances where you can use this Bing Chat to your advantage:

  • Create Innovative Content
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For writers experiencing creative blocks, Bing Chat aids in brainstorming ideas for marketing slogans, product descriptions, or engaging social media posts. By prompting Bing Chat with a request, like “Craft a compelling tagline for a sustainable fashion brand launch,” you can receive tailored content to fuel your creative endeavors. 

  • Code Generation

Bing AI Chat extends its capabilities to coding tasks, providing code snippets in various languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, and Ruby. This functionality streamlines the coding process for users with different programming language requirements. 

  • AI-Generated Images

Leveraging DALL-E 2, Bing Chat can create images based on user queries. By opting for a more creative conversational style and asking questions like “Visualize a futuristic cityscape with floating buildings,” you can receive imaginative visuals, although they may have limitations compared to specialized AI art generators. 

  • Grammar Improvement

Enhancing blog post readability, Bing AI Chat reviews, and correcting grammar errors in the text. You can prompt the chatbot with “Enhance the writing style,” include their text and receive suggestions for making the content more concise, impactful, or conversational.

  • Craft Travel Itineraries

Bing AI Chat assists travelers in planning detailed itineraries. Users can specify preferences such as adventure activities, cultural experiences, or off-beat attractions, receding a day-by-day plan with directions. This feature is valuable for both seasoned globetrotters and those exploring new destinations.

  • Math Problem Solving

Students seeking assistance with physical problems can utilize Bing AI Chat by entering their questions. The chatbot not only provides answers but also outlines the steps to solve complex physics equations. You can select a “Precise” response style for enhanced accuracy, keeping in mind the need to explain special characters in natural language.

  • Custom Food Recipes

Cooking enthusiasts can experiment with new recipes using the Bing AI Chat. By inputting ingredients like tofu, avocado, and kale, among others, you can receive detailed cooking instructions. This will allow users to explore diverse culinary creations and enhance their cooking skills.

  • Translate Texts

Bing AI Chat facilitates language translation tasks with ease. You can input a phrase or paragraph in one language and request its translation into another, enabling seamless communication and understanding across language barriers. 

These are only some of the tasks. You can perform much more by using this feature as it offers practical solutions across creative, literary, fitness, linguistic, financial, educational, design, wellness, as well as event planning domains. 

Tips to Make the Most of Bing Chat

To enhance your experience with Bing AI Chat and obtain optimum results, consider implementing the following tips for accurate and efficient interactions:

  • Assign a Role to Bing Chat

To maximize Bing Chat’s utility, treat it as an expert in a specific domain. Pose questions related to that expertise to receive more insightful answers. For instance, imagine Bing Chat as an aspiring chef and inquire about innovative cooking techniques or trending recipes. This approach can be applied to various topics, resulting in tailored responses to your specific area of interest.

  • Explain Concepts Like a Kid
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Bing AI Chat excels at simplifying complex subjects. If you are unfamiliar with a certain topic, request explanations as if you were a curious child. For example, you can ask Bing Chat to explain, “How quantum compounding works as if I’m 8.” This can yield straightforward and easy-to-understand responses. Apply this technique across different subjects for enhanced comprehension. 

  • Provide Specific and Detailed Prompts

Engage with Bing AI Chat in a conversational manner by framing questions with specific details. Unlike traditional keyword searches, natural language inquiries provide better and faster results. For instance, inquire about the most efficient electric car models among Tesla Model 3, Nissan Leaf, and Chevrolet Bolt in terms of range and charging capabilities. This approach ensures quicker and more accurate results according to your specific needs.

  • Verify the Sources of the Answers

Lastly, exercise caution by checking the sources and answers provided by Bing AI Chat. Given the potential for biased or inaccurate information on the internet, verifying the credibility of the sources ensures reliability and accuracy in the information received from the chatbot. Always cross-check the references for a more informed and dependable experience. 

Limitations of Bing AI Chat

While Bing AI Chat boasts numerous capabilities, it grapples with certain challenges and limitations that Microsoft aims to address in future improvements. Some of the notable limitations are:

  • Daily Chat Limitations: Owing to the substantial user engagement with Bing Chat, Microsoft has enforced a limit of 30 chats per session or a maximum of 300 conversions regularly. 
  • Supported by Ads: Bing Chat’s functionality is ad-supported, meaning users cannot purchase additional chat limits or access more comprehensive answers through payment. Microsoft acknowledges the presence of advertisements within chat responses, as seen when seeking recommendations for different things.
  • Shallow Answers: Bing Chat tends to offer concise and surface-level responses to inquiries, potentially limiting the depth and detail of the answer provided. 

Understanding the Future of Bing AI Chat

The widespread application of the Bing AI Chat across various industries holds the promise of substantial advancements. Its evolving capabilities hold promise for transformative impacts in healthcare, education, agriculture, and transportation. Microsoft is actively exploring these possibilities through initiatives like the AI for Earth program, focusing on leveraging AI to address environmental challenges and promote sustainability. 

By harnessing the potential of Bing Chat, Microsoft can generate innovative solutions that not only benefit society but also contribute to the company’s ongoing leadership in AI technology. To sustain this leadership, Microsoft is committed to the ethical and equitable use of AI. Through rigorous research, collaborative efforts, and unbiased decision-making, the company aims to ensure AI serves everyone and addresses societal challenges without forgetting existing issues. 


Thus, Bing’s integration with OpenAI’s model to provide AI-powered search capabilities has brought innovative development in the world of search engines. The chat feature in Bing proves to be a unique and versatile tool. Its user-friendly interface with its different functionalities makes it easier to use and make the most of it by following the recommended tips in this article.