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Amazon Keyword Tool

Find what people are searching for on Amazon, and align your product listings with those terms. Save and export the similar best keywords.

An Amazon keyword tool is a crucial resource for optimizing product listings on the e-commerce platform. It assists in researching, identifying, and tracking relevant keywords for products. By inputting over 100 Amazon keywords, this tool generates insights into the most popular search terms. Use this tool for empowers sellers to improve their Amazon SEO strategy, increase click-through rates, and drive more organic traffic to their products.


Discover Top Amazon Keyword Suggestions for Your Product Listings! 

Unsure about how potential customers search for your products?  

Don’t fret! Just use NextGrowthLabs’ Amazon Keywords Tool! 

Input a comprehensive product description into this Amazon keyword planner tool to access keyword idea reports to identify the most frequently searched related terms. 

Leverage the built-in filters of the free keyword generator to narrow down the extensive list of keywords for Amazon based on factors like monthly search volume, clicks, and other relevant metrics. Integrate these pertinent keywords into your product listings to enhance visibility. 

Find precise Amazon keyword metrics! 

We provide Amazon keyword search volume estimations for all keywords like most other Amazon keyword search tools. However, our data is derived from the analysis of the browsing patterns of thousands of actual Amazon users, providing precise and dependable Amazon keyword search volume estimations as opposed to many free Amazon keyword research tools that solely rely on Amazon autocomplete and Google Keyword Planner data.  

Keyword metrics 

  1. Clicks represent the average monthly click count on search results individuals generate when searching for a specific keyword. 
  2. Clicked/Not clicked measures the search percentage leading to at least one click on an Amazon search result, in contrast to those where no clicks occur. 
  3. Clicks Per Search (CPS) indicates the average number of clicks on product listings generated by each search conducted. 
  4. Return Rate (RR) is a relative value reflecting how frequently people repeatedly search for the same keyword within a month. 

Do Amazon keyword research for virtually any country! 

View local search volumes and metrics for any keyword across hundreds of countries. Easily switch to your desired country by selecting from the drop-down menu. When unsure which country holds the highest potential, consult the Global volume metric to discover the estimated monthly search volume for interested keywords for Amazon globally, along with the top countries where it garners the most searches. 

Identify Amazon keywords for which competing listings are ranking in Google! 

Copy and paste a competing Amazon listing into Site Explorer, then navigate to the “Organic keywords report” to access the keyword list for which it ranks in Google. Additionally, you can determine which keywords are driving the most organic traffic to your competitors. Enhance your opportunities for obtaining traffic from Google by focusing on those keywords using the keyword tool for Amazon. 

Save/Export your most valuable Amazon keywords

Eliminate the hassle of dealing with disorganized CSVs/.txt files. Store and categorize your keywords into lists for streamlined management. Also, share your research (saved lists/reports) with a colleague in just a few clicks. 

Explore the Finest Amazon Keyword Suggestions for Your Product Listings using NextGrowthLabs’ Amazon keyword research tool, free now!