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To succeed in your App Store Optimization strategy, you must know the key factors that impact it. Optimizing your App’s title and description, using the relevant keywords, and maintaining positive reviews and ratings are important for the success of your App.

Implementing an ASO plan is essential to improve the App’s visibility. It increases organic app downloads, and enhances your App’s conversion rate.

How to optimize your App for App Store and Google Play?

  • It is important to understand the differences in the app guidelines and ranking factors of both the App Stores before implementing an ASO.
  • The App store algorithms differ for Apple and Google Play, so keep that in mind when optimizing your App.
  • Understand the ranking factors and the review process of both the App Stores to make your ASO strategy effective.
  • Keywords usage is another important aspect that you should be cautious about before optimizing. While App Store provides a separate Keyword field for you to include the popular keywords, Google Play allows you to use the App Title and description space to include the most relevant keywords.
  • The key ranking factors in Apple App Store are App name and subtitle, URL, Keywords, Ratings and reviews and App updates.
  • The key ranking factors in Google Play are App Title, Short and Long Description, No of installs, Ratings and In-app purchases.

Tips for successful App Store Optimization | ASO factors

Choose a creative and eye-catchy App Title.

The App title says the values and the purpose of the App’s brand name. So make it sound unique and easily rememberable. Use the most relevant keyword in the App title, which will help you optimize the App’s search results. It’d secure a high ranking as well.

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Write a convincing App Description.

The app visitor genuinely interested in your App will scroll past the first page to the App’s Description. So, make the best of this chance by writing a convincing and compelling App Description.

Highlight the App’s unique features that convey how different your App is from your competitors. Format and align the text in an appealing way that makes it easy for the user to remember your App.

Use the popular keywords and the App’s name in the description. Align the App’s features to enable easy recall.

You can also add a call-to-action at the end of the description to encourage the users to download your App. A keyword-rich and updated App description will surely increase the conversion rate.

Maintain high app ratings and reviews

Maintain the App’s content quality. Provide fair chances for the user to leave a comment or review about the App.

The positive reviews will secure a high app ranking, and the negative reviews will help you better understand the user’s language and demands to improvise your App.

In-app and push notifications are a few ways by which you can get the user to give feedback about the App.

Design appealing App visuals 

The App’s visual elements, which include the App’s icon, screenshots, and preview video, give you an excellent opportunity to advertise your App’s features.

The App icon is a representation of the App’s brand value. It should enable easy recall of the App’s purpose and features. Choose contrasting colour combinations and simple graphics while designing the App icon.

The App screenshots should display the most popular spots from the App. Showcase the highlighted and the most visited screens in the App.

The preview video offers a live presentation of the App for the user. Use simple text and catchy app footage to effectively display the value and benefits the user will derive from downloading the App.

Localize your App

App Localization makes your App more accessible and easily discoverable for the global audience. Understand the regional languages, preferences, and beliefs, and customize your app elements to impress the local audience.

Prospective users find it appealing when the App is relevant and understandable if provided in their native languages that match their beliefs and expectations. So, App Localization is a sure shot at expanding the App’s user base and increasing the downloads.


App Store Optimization is a continual app improvisation process. It signals the App’s weak metrics and helps you to track the App’s performance. ASO also helps you research and understand the keyword relevance, boosting the App’s visibility.

Along with a proper ASO strategy, also study the competitors’ success factors and the changing trends in the App Store market, which will facilitate keeping the App updated and maintain the user retention rate.

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