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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of optimizing an app based on users behavior to increase the chances of them downloading and installing it and making in-app purchases. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is an important factor in ASO.

Mobile App Conversion Rate

The app conversion rate is calculated by dividing the total number of conversions (i.e., app installs or mobile app purchases) by the total number of visitors, then, multiplied by 100.

Following are the steps that lead up to a sale (also called the funnel).

  • The user downloads the app
  • User views the “Purchase UI” (User Interface)
  • The user subscribes to the monthly product

In the above flow, the Purchase UI is the fundamental user interface that encourages users to sign up. This UI includes the app benefits and highlights the product value and a call-to-action. Read on to learn the main points to remember for Conversion Rate Optimization.

App Store Conversion Rate 

The tracker helps you count the number of people who complete a particular action in the app and track the funnel’s performance. There are two stages to adding an analytics tracker to the app:

Use an app analytics tracker

  • Integrating your app with the analytics tracking SDK or library – eg: Firebase
  • Collecting data on in-app interaction by using events.

Google Analytics & Firebase collects data such as:

  • The number of active app users.
  • The time users spend daily on an app.
  • The most used app UIs.
  • Number of crashes..

The next step is to correlate user interactions with in-app events, which will show the leaks in the funnel or at which stage an user is dropping out. Accordingly, you can make changes to improve the funnel efficiency .

Find the right metrics to track with the analytics

The first step is to connect the tracking tools to the app by which you can learn the user behavior. Then, you can identify leaks and monitor the campaign’s performance. Remember, the metrics will depend upon an app’s goals.

Some common performance metrics are; retention rate, daily active users, monthly active users average session length, and lifetime value. Once you have successfully integrated the analytics tools to the app, you can track user behavior using in-app events.

App Conversion Rate Optimization Technology

Smooth app functioning is very important to retain users. Be warned about app crashes or errors that might affect the user experience and consequently user retention rate. Regularly conduct user testing and log all in-app data to avoid potential technical errors.

Ensure the checkout process is efficient and remains the same across all devices to avoid losing potential subscribers. Quality control measures can boost the efficiency of in-app funnel processes. Try these tips to enhance the conversion rate.

Follow the common best practices

Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines that tells about the layout, color, and graphics can be a value-addition to your app and is considered one of the best practices. Also, focus on maintaining the app’s aesthetic integrity, app reviews, user control, and direct manipulation.

Also, make the distance to a purchase from the initial app install as short as possible. Conduct regular A/B testing on different onboard processes like app messaging and in-app tutorials to ensure the first-time users become committed customers. Implementing these tips can help you lead the users move towards a quick purchase.

Analyze the results of A/B testing to Improve Store Listing Conversion Rates

The outcome of the A/B tests helps you determine which designs work best and implement changes accordingly. It is wise to run the A/B testing to check the impact of one factor at a time to avoid confusion and improve clarity. Be consistent about the indicators you wish to analyze before running the A/B tests.

The available options for A/B testing on Android are:

  • Long Description
  • Short Description
  • Visual Assets

Conversion Rate Optimization is critical to organic and paid user acquisition plans and, thereby, to the overall app growth. However, it takes time to yield significant results. So it is important to test and monitor your funnel and track the changes repeatedly. Also, find new ways to shoot up conversions depending on the app’s performance. Over time, you can obtain more profit as you get more users to move towards a purchase.

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  • What is app conversion rate? | What is mobile conversion rate?

    App conversion rate is the total number of installs by the total number of visitors, then, multiplied by 100.

  • What is a good app store conversion rate? | What is a good app store conversion rate?

    For brand keywords, it could be 60%, and for non-brand, it could be anywhere over 20% for low intent keywords to over 45% for high intent keywords.

  • How do i increase app conversion rate? | How to increase app conversion?

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