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    Free App Rank Tracker Tool – Overview

    We made one of our internal keyword tracking tools public – with a free tier of 200 k/w (i.e. 100 each on Android & iOS) – No trials, no cap on # of apps.

    Here’s why: keyword tracking tools have severe limitations – less generous free plans, standard daily tracking, geographical limitation, a separate interface.

    When we thought of all these limitations, we decided to act.

    We like sheets, and the ability to track keyword rankings multiple times a day. Now about the limits: we wanted to make this tool affordable.

    Our teammates suggested – let’s make it free for any normal use case. (Upto 100 k/w per day per platform). – That’s what we did.

    Here’s the sheet Add on:


    Steps to get invite For Free App Rank Tracking Tool

    We have about 1000 invites available in the first phase. We are looking to make it available to a more users in coming days – hoping to serve the entire app development community. To request an invite, please click contact us and submit a request – and we will send you the API keys within 24 hours.


    FAQS For App Rank Checker Tool & API Access

    How do I track my app rankings?

    You can use our free app ranking tool and track any keyword. This tool can be used for Android & iOS apps – in any country.


    Is Rank Tracker Free?

    Yes! You can track upto 200 keywords, and 1000 keywords per organisation for free. Feel free to apply for more limits by contacting us.


    Can I track rankings daily?

    Yes, it gives you hour level granularity. So you can track the rankings every hour, every 12, 24, or even 72 hours. It all depends on you.


    How do I get api token for this rank tracker?

    Please visit appvector.io to get the api token for the same.


    Can I track app ranks in any country.

    Yes. You can track app ranks in any country.

    I don’t use Google Sheets, can I signup and directly track the ranks?

    Absolutely. Please sign up on appvector.io where you can track your app ranks.

    What are the other ASO tools you have?
    We have a lot of free ASO tools. You can get the full list on our tools page.


    We’ve also launched our Bing Keyword Tracking, SEO Writing Assistant and Google SERP Tracker tools. It has similar limits.

    App Rank Checker – Features

    To get started with the App rank checker, simply enter your app id and the keywords you want to track. The tool will then analyze your app’s ranking for those keywords on a daily basis. You can track your progress over time and identify areas where you need to improve your ASO strategy.

    CategoriesKey Features
    Checks Ranks OnGoogle Play, Apple
    Enterprise PlansUpto 25000
    Countries Supported🌎 All Countries
    Apps SupportedAndroid & iOS
    Rank Period 𝑯𝒐𝒖𝒓𝒍𝒚
    AvailabilitySheet, Web App
    Rank Tracker CostFree
    Subscription OptionsNone

    App Rank Tracking Demo Video

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