We made one of our internal keyword tracking tools public – with a free tier of 200 k/w (i.e. 100 each on Android & iOS) – No trials, no cap on # of apps.

Here’s why: keyword tracking tools have severe limitations – less generous free plans, standard daily tracking, geographical limitation, a separate interface.

When we thought of all these limitations, we decided to act.

We like sheets, and the ability to track keyword rankings multiple times a day. Now about the limits: we wanted to make this tool affordable.

Our team mates suggested – let’s make it free for any normal use case. (Upto 100 k/w per day per platform). – That’s what we did.

Here’s the sheet Add on:

Steps to get invite:
We have about 1000 invites available in the first phase. We are looking to make it available to a more users in coming days – hoping to serve the entire app development community. To request an invite, please click contact us and submit a request – and we will send you the API keys within 24 hours.