We made one of our internal keyword tracking tools public – with a free tier of 200 k/w (i.e. 100 each on Android & iOS) – No trials, no cap on # of apps. This tool allows you to track app ranks for both Android and iOS apps.

Here’s why: keyword tracking tools have severe limitations – less generous free plans, standard daily tracking, geographical limitation, a separate interface.

When we thought of all these limitations, we decided to act.

We like sheets, and the ability to track keyword rankings multiple times a day. Now about the limits: we wanted to make this tool affordable.

Our team mates suggested – let’s make it free for any normal use case. (Upto 100 k/w per day per platform). – That’s what we did.

Here’s the sheet Add on:

You can get the API token from the link below:


This app rank tracker is free. It supports app store rank tracking and google play rank tracking. 

Also, you can set it run every few hours. It runs on Google Sheets. Here are some of the other products that we’ve got live. 

ASO & SEO Chrome Add On

Content Assist Add On

Free Data Studio Connector for Playstore- Contact us for access. 

Here are some questions that we are frequently asked. 

Is rank tracker free?

Yes the rank tracker is free. You an track upto 200 ranks. Any country, any language. Support both Android & iOS platforms. 

How do you track app rankings?

To track app rankings, Just get the sheet add on and then get the keyword tracking API key. 

What is Rank Tracker tool?

The rank tracker tool allows you to track both android and iOS apps for free. 

Is rank tracker any good?

Absolutely, the rank tracker is excellent. It gets fresh and accurate data from respective stores. You can match these rankings by checking the same from a non-logged in session. 



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