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Before launching your new app, to provide a trusted user experience, the app stores review all the apps: the updates in the app, in-app purchases, and events. The review time may differ for each application and store. On average, 50% of apps are reviewed within 24 hours, and 90% are reviewed within 48 hours. Although in some exceptional cases, the store might take four to five days to review an app.

There are certain guidelines for the app developers to follow. Follow these to make your review process a cakewalk. Check the status updates in the app Store Connect.

Steps to prepare for app review

  • Complete all the app information and metadata fields with accurate data.
  • Update the correct contact information.
  • Keep ready an active demo account with login information and other resources needed for the review.
  • Enable backend services so that they are accessible during the app review.
  • Mention in the review notes in-app purchase information with the required documentation.
  • Make sure the details are complete and guidelines are followed in the documentation, e.g. development guidelines, design guidelines, brand and marketing guidelines

Submitting the app

  • Manage your submissions and communication on the review page.
  • Submit pointers, e.g. custom product pages, in-app events, and product page optimization.
  • Include multiple items in one submission.
  • View the history of submissions and messages from the review.
  • Remove previously unaccepted items.

Avoid common errors before submissions

  • Check for broken links and placeholder content which are not yet ready.
  • Make sure you have entered the required details and followed guidelines for the kid’s category and third-party ads.
  • Provide necessary license and authorization documentation wherever applicable.
  • Give accurate screenshots and data access requests.
  • The privacy policies should adhere to the app store guidelines.
  • Do not repeat submissions for similar apps.
  • Provide a better user experience, and the app should not mislead the users.
  • The correct legal entity must submit.
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Points to note after the submission

The review time may differ due to complexity of the app. The completion of application details also affects the time consumed for review.

  • Check the status updates in the app Store connect.
  • Request an expedited review for quick results.
  • According to the release date, the application will appear in the store after the review process.
  • Submit an appeal if you are unsatisfied with the app review.