It is challenging to devise a proper App store optimization plan for a game app. The reason is the number of new game apps added to the race daily. So, the ASO strategy and schedule for a game app will differ from that of a regular app. With the latest update in the Apple app store and the Google Play Store, there is a change in the menu structure. The game apps are categorized under the “Games” tab. So, they are no more considered apps. This is an additional challenge for you, but if you follow these app store optimization tips for games, the best result will follow.

App Store Optimization Techniques

App Store Optimization Techniques & Tips for Games

  • Your game name has to be unique, giving the potential user a picture of what to expect from the game. Include only the most popular and relevant keywords in the app title and subtitle.
  • Consider the seasons and time-based events, and trends while optimizing. The more updated your game is for your target audience, the higher your chance to be featured by the App Store.
  • Keyword research is crucial in choosing popular keywords with the right difficulty and search volume.
  • Use the ASO strategy to improve your search ranking. When choosing the keywords, you can consider the game’s genre and similar meaning words. 
  • Keyword ranking is a bit tougher for games because users depend on the brand name and the ranking charts to choose the game app.
  • The app’s function-specific keywords regulate the app store search results. Hence, it is necessary to be aware of all the latest game trends and include those keywords in the app title and description.
  • While choosing screenshots for your game, consider the layout differences between the Apple app store and Google Play Store. Showcase the look and feel of your game. Tell a convincing story through the screenshots that make it easier for the potential user to understand your game better.
  • Tracking your keywords is essential in both the app store and Google Play store. Analyze your competitor’s performing keywords in the app title and description. Their mistakes will be learning points to optimize your app keywords better.
  • You cannot always compete for keyword ranking with established competitors. Using long-tail keywords will always help you to rank better.
  • Localizing is a challenging task for games. You must tweak and customize the game’s look, layout, and message to suit the regional audience. Adapt the text to the local language and ensure to localize the game screenshots too.
  • When localizing your game, also consider the keyword relevance. The user’s viewpoint during the search, keyword relevance and the app’s core feature play a significant role in defining the success of your game’s localization plan.
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An appropriate ASO strategy can help improve your game’s discoverability and downloads. The key benefits of using an ASO tool are:

  • Implementing and overviewing the game’s localization is made effective and more manageable.
  • An App store optimization strategy helps you stay informed of the latest market trends. You can quickly identify and update your game’s performing and non-performing versions.
  • An ASO tool is a perfect interface for interacting with Google Console and App Store Connect. So, analytics and follow-up become less cumbersome.
  • Information collection and reporting of the competitor’s themes, your app’s ranking graph, and the game market developments will be available for your perusal. 

To conclude, App Store Optimization tips for games is similar to regular ASO. However, you must be extra cautious and informed about the seasonal trends and users’ internet behavior. Game visibility solely depends on including the right set of popular and relevant keywords. Optimizing the keywords regularly can boost the app’s brand awareness and increase downloads.