Measuring content performance is very difficult task. It is prone to lots of flaws and is reasonably subjective. This is why, we now take a backseat and let Google decide on the articles that are performing the best.

First off, this only applies to the pages where the goal is SEO traffic. Initially, we used to keep lots of manual reviews to assess content quality. Ever since the advent of GPT, we built tools to recognise AI written content. But this was more of prevention. How we understand the writers whose content pieces were performing the best.

For us, passing the search console test is the true indicator of success. It’s our #1 KPI. Therefore, we started stitching the data. We have our own content platform – where content typically goes via AI checks, quality checks etc. Post that, we started joining writer’s database to search console data. We ETL this data into our warehouse.

Result? A unified analysis of top performing writers.

Data driven content assessment

There’s lot more of processing we do post this – including identifying the rank opportunities, finding the topic with best impression potential for a writer and so on. We are dabbling with lots of these things. If you’d like to join us, apply here.

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