At this digital age, people are glued to their smartphones and mobile devices, looking for the latest news and business updates at their fingertips.The business news apps arrived now establishing their presence easily among the hurrying crowd and turning into an indispensable part of our everyday lives. Business news apps are believed to be popular and reliable source of news updates that meet users’ requirements.

Almost all of the business entities and organizations try to maintain their online presence by having an app to improve their business and share the business news. This has brought immense growth and development of news apps, intensifying the prospects of online magazines. So, to put it in layman terms a news app is an online magazine catering to the needs and expectations of different user segments bringing the brewing business updates and latest news to your palms .

Studies show that over 52% of the traffic that websites globally receive is through smartphones and undoubtedly the percentage is increasing in the recent year as well. So, it is obvious that app optimization is necessary to reach out to more users, boost their experience, and for an online publisher to address your convenience. In the present day, almost every newspaper has a mobile app to engage with and retain its users and to draw new users as well. These business news app offer a seamless and interesting reading experience for users and followers. The prime target of these apps are to bring to you news articles from all over the world and deliver it to you in the quickest possible way with the best visuals.

Benefits of business news apps

News apps offer a great reading experience with an option turn off ads that annoy while you use the app and distract your focus from the news content. Ads, even if displayed are placed in a non-intrusive way without obstructing your view. It is obvious that more than 85% of users choose mobile apps over browsers for online shopping, and the same goes for online news apps and magazines as well. The reason being apps are quicker, easily accessible and simpler to browse, providing a rich user experience as well. So the conveniences of a news app is irreplaceable.

The business news app render a great user interface that is pretty interesting, appealing, and easy to use. These type of simple interfaces allow you to make organized search options, highlight specific segments, and also save the content to read or view anytime in the future.
The news apps are integrated with more appealing features that display not just published content or articles but also relevant audios, videos, and images according to the user’s search data in order to retain users.

You can also customize or modify the news content as per your requirements. Generally, there isn’t a feature or tool to customize or organize the content on news sites. But news apps are designed by the developers by gathering information about the users’ behavior and choices. Then, you will be able to organize the content better on the news apps.

Most of the news apps are a mobile-friendly version of their sites along with additional features to boost the app’s appeal, which is common among big publishers. This is done to retain the familiarity for the users making it easier for you to connect and navigate on a news app.
Accessing and viewing an online magazine is similar to a news app, where you can turn on push notifications for alerts about any viral content or current news. You can also enable or disable this feature anytime as per your convenience. These features are integrated in a news app to improve the reader’s experience.

Generally, news sites look like they have been dumped with too many contents, such as ads, images, videos, pop-ups, stories, and others which may often turn out to be annoying. But, on the other hand, a business news app, by default is designed with a precise and smart navigation space that helps to focus on the content you desire for. It is done by demarcating an overloaded newsfeed and different news categories as seamless feeds, chunks of stories and top headlines.

The business news apps primarily focus on providing its users with exciting and latest news that are in line with their preferences. You can also join one of the many groups in the news app according to your preferences and expectations. The apps usually highlight associated articles, links at the end of the content, trending and live videos, breaking news, and latest updates so that your search and accessibility is easier.

News apps provide ample avenues to engage with users by empowering and supporting them to rate news stories, choose and save favorites, unlock unique stories, submit content, play different games, and win rewards and loyalty points. Share your favorite news clip or any other trending news on your social media accounts.

Similar to social media, accessing diverse content is quicker and easier on a news app which includes video and audio content as well. Enjoy watching interesting documentaries, keep track of share market updates, follow political debates, and stay infomed about business news and analysis.

Virtual reality is integrated into the app to give you an immersive experience along with news reading on the app. Use the app’s VR to experience events such as sports championships, economy breakdown or boom, protests and conflicts as and when the news trends.
The accessibility of the news apps without having to wait for a strong net connection to read an article or view a video on social media is one of its key advantage. You can opt for an offline mode in your news app and to download content for later because with this offline reading option, you can enjoy the news anytime and anywhere.

Let us now walk through the ten most popular business news apps and their features and benefits so that you can choose and download the one that will meet your requirements and expectations.

App name Rating Installs App URL Highlights
Economic Times – Business News 4.6⭐ 1Cr+ Playstore link ✅ Stay up to date with the latest business news
✅ Personal finance tips.
✅ Live news updates
✅ Stay up to date with the latest market movers and gainers, plus get rich insight into companies, shares, and commodities.
Mint – Business
& Market News
4.6⭐ 50L+ Playstore link ✅ All the latest business, banking, and finance news from across the world is delivered to your fingertips.
✅ Get instant updates 24/7 with just a single tap.
✅ Access to all the NSE India & BSE India market data, giving you a head start in buying or selling stocks.
Business Standard: News+
4.2⭐ 1L+ Playstore link ✅ Stay on top of business trends, F&O information & more
✅ Get the breaking news from our specialized reporters in India and around the world
✅ Find the latest news, analysis and opinion from specialists.
✅ Read about the latest developments in the Indian economy and stay on top of retail trends.
Share Market|
4.2⭐ 1Cr+ Playstore link ✅ Get stock updates, exchange rates and other financial information on your smartphone.
✅ Keep track of your portfolio with ease, for free with the Moneycontrol App!
✅ Voice-enabled search to help you find stocks, indices, mutual funds and commodities with ease.
✅ Stay up to date with the latest prices of Sensex, NIFTY, India VIX and more
Stocks & News
4.4⭐ 1Cr+ Playstore link ✅ Get alerts on your favorite stocks.
✅Track your investments with ease
✅Analyze the market with our charts and tools.
Bloomberg: Finance Market
3.7⭐ 1Cr+ Playstore link ✅ Stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends in the world of business, markets, industries and more.
✅ Get instant notifications for breaking news with push notifications.
✅ Monitor your investment portfolio with customizable alerts.
Business: NSE, BSE
& Marke
4.4⭐ 5L+ Playstore link ✅ Get real-time updates on your favorite stocks and get alerts for breaking news.
✅ Read up on what’s happening in your city or Country
✅ Get the latest market information for all major global markets.
Financial Times 4.5⭐ 10L+ Playstore link ✅ Get the latest business news and trends from around the world.
✅ Stay up-to-date with expert analysis and opinion pieces from leading journalists.
✅ Access market data, company profiles, and interactive charts to find out more about your industry.
✅ Save articles to read later, or listen to them while on the move.
CNBC: Business
& Stock
4.6⭐ 50L+ Playstore link ✅ Real-time notifications of breaking news events.
✅ Track your favorite company stocks in real-time and get instant access to interactive charts.
✅ 24/7 coverage of top business news and economic analysis.
✅ Watch the latest news clips for free, or log in with your cable or satellite subscription to live stream full episodes
Insider – Business News &
3.5⭐ 10L+ Playstore link ✅ Stay in the know with some of the best commentaries from a wide variety of sources
✅ Enjoy an ad-free experience with faster load times and less distraction
✅ Save interesting articles for later reading

Economic Times – Business news app

For a very long time since the arrival of news apps Economic Times App has been the most common choice of many businessmen, working individuals, students and others to get the latest business news updates, learn the smartest investment options, follow industry experts, implement personal finance ideas, watch live news updates, breaking news, and much more. The app is a one point solution to know the company’s quarterly results, share market analysis and insights by finance experts, be alerted about the key Income tax dates and necessary documents, morning and evening briefings on National and International news.

App’s highlights

Get the ET app for the latest news on business and stock exchange on the go to make informed decisions. Make the best out of the app and enjoy the unparalleled coverage of share market, business and finance, sensex updates (BSE India, Nifty- NSE India), Personal Finance, and Economy news instantly and easily.

Get quick access to the live updates on the latest market and business news, news on Indian sensex, stock market, and finance, at anytime and from anywhere. Enjoy live viewing, offline reading, easy swipe navigation for the stacked stories using the app’s advanced search functionality.

You will get the latest and the most popular business and finance news, including sensex and share market updates. The app covers a vast range of news categories which includes the most happening stories in India and abroad, industry-wise news, market and personal finance news, technology and featured news, latest on the environment and much more.

According to your search and preference you will also get news related to BSE, NSE, Nifty,  Sensex, NCDEX, and MCX. Enjoy watching slideshows covering different genres such as automobile, advertising and marketing, business and entrepreneurship, corporate and industry, consumer and legal, economy, entertainment and events, share market, and many more.

You will get an in-depth understanding of the movements and working of the stock market and rekated market data that includes sensex, NSE, BSE, Nifty, Mutual Funds, Commodities, Company updates, big movers, gainers, and losers.

The in-app specifications will help you stay updates at all times, even when the app is not used with the help of home screen widgets. Get the app’s latest portfolio tool that facilitates in managing and tracking your stock market investments on the go.

Enable the push notifications to get the latest updates on news and events and share trending stories from the app on your social media accounts or message or mail your friends. For a better readability and reduce the stress on your eyes you can enable the night mode to adjust the screen brightness 

The app’s offline reading feature will help you to sync stories when you have a signal and later read them offline as per your convenience. A breaking news ticker is displayed as you explore the app keep you updated on the latest events instantly.

Tracking the stocks in your Watchlist, share market movers, gainers and losers is no more a challenge. You will also get  a through access to analyze and learn from the financial market movements whiich include BSE, NSE, Nifty, Sensex, BSE MID CAP, and commodity and currency markets as well.

MINT – Business and market news

Mint is one of renowned and up-to-date business, banking, finance and share market news app that is available for all on the Google Playstore India. MINT will help you stay informed all about the latest share market news and updates, NSE and BSE shares news, IPO alerts, bank nifty share price, NCDEX updates, gold prices, and much more. You will also updated on the latest startups, industry, crypto and commodity news, and share movements, all under a single convenient app.

App’s highlights.

Make the best out of the app’s premium features which includes the app’s e-paper to access the best quality journalism and the app’s premium to get updates on upmarket content, market predictions, company insights, and stock news to make smart decisions on investments and personal finance.

The app has proudly partnered with The Wall Street Journal to offer you personalized insights and an in-depth market analysis, all at your fingertips. Downloading and exploring the MINT app is your best chance to boost your financial knowledge.

The app will provide instant stock market updates to help you get ahead of the game. So, set the MINT app as your go-to source for the latest news on stocks in India, to stay up-to-date on nifty and gold rates today, and to live stream BSE and NSE Sensex, Nifty and NCDEX numbers using the app’s live feature.

You will also get notified about the bull and bear market trends from NSE and BSE India, giving you the right competence to transform you into the groundbreaking financial expert. 

The app will offer insights and analysis that are personalized and data-driven, so you do not have to sift through a data dump wasting your time and efforts. In addition, the app’s stock screener tool will help you find the right stocks that are in-sync with your specific investment criteria, transforming you into a trendsetter of tomorrow.

Use the app’s stock screener to learn about the price trends, cumulative revenue and cash flow, quality of commodity, company board’s intricacies, and financial news and updates about the companies listed in NSE and BSE India, and the latest updates on the market’s top-performing entities.

You can make a watchlist of all the trending and most popular stocks. In addition to the stock market trends, you can also keep a close watch on the latest business and economic news. You will also get daily updates on the gold price, trading trends, investment ideas, stocks update, and share market moves, and the price graph of gold, forex, bonds, and bitcoin.

Be the first one to know about the existing and the upcoming IPOs, receive insights on the latest news, IPO release dates, and stock performance updates. View and access shares analysis and opinions from the sharpest minds in the business and finance world about the share market in India.

Scan and watch live market news regarding corporate results, company’s announcements, finance, economy, management, and technology. You will also get investment updates and options from business, trends in mutual funds, stock market and shares, insurance to pension schemes and retirement plans all under the same app.

In addition to the latest business news from India, the Mint app and newspaper will also get you the latest on international business and news from around the world. With the support of The Wall Street Journal the app brings to you all the business happenings from around the world.

Mint Lounge is the app’s most appealing and impressive weekend magazine that focuses on lifestyle, entertainment and other related topics. Turn the app’s personalized notifications to get personalized news and alerts based on your interests and preferences on the app.

Business Standard: news and stocks app

Business Standard is an exclusive online news app, that offers a comprehensive news reading experience covering daily business news, stock and share market updates. Business Standard is one of India’s leading and most preferred choice for many users that brings you the latest from finance, business, retail, BSE and NSE updates. Install the app to stay hooked with the market and business from all corners of the world, get regular updates and analysis on the stock market, and a detailed editorial reviews for different sectors.

App’s highlights

The app is well-renowned for accurate and trustable business news focused on being independent and fair supported with facts that are well-informed, and journalism that adheres to the ethical conduct and sharing a sacrosanct relationship with its readers.

Use the app to equip yourself with the latest on the business and stock market to make smart and wise decisions. And make the best out of the app’s unparalleled news coverage on business, finance, share market, personal finance, sensex (BSE India, Nifty- NSE India), and news on the national and international economies, instantly and precisely.

Be the first one to get your hands on the top stories on Indian business news, breaking news, featured articles from the newspaper, and special features on trending stories on the monthly finance, economy, and retail news.

Get in-depth and credible analysis and suggestions from market experts who are specialized contributors in giving articles on market trends, economics and business line. The daily NSE, sensex live stock market updates, latest news on companies, finance, management and technology, and price and data charts of top Indian companies are at your fingertips with the Business Standard app.

The app promptly gets you the top news stories from markets, companies, budget, economy and policy, current affairs, and articles based on opinions. You can also download everyday’s e-paper online to get the breaking news and trends in India using the Business Standard app. The news also includes updates on the latest technology, gadgets and digital accessories.

Do not miss the app’s special stories, reports and business news with an exclusive coverage on special events, trending news, viral social issues and political affairs and other trending developments in our country. Enjoy the app’s The Morning show to get news and other updates in an interesting video format along with the story’s summary.

Use the app to sort out all your personal finance plans by getting all the required data on wealth, financial planning and management, insurance, tax, investment, loans, retirement, and real estate. Get the latest about all the sports like cricket, tennis, hockey, football and other key sports events.

The app’s prime contributors are big names who belong to the elite expert crowd. They are some of the sharpest minds writing and opining on economics and business. Among them are Shankar Acharya (former chief economic advisor, GOI), T N Ninan (former editor and chairman of Business Standard), Shyam Saran (former foreign secretary, GOI), A K Bhattacharya, editorial director of Business Standard, Shekhar Gupta (former editor-in-chief of The Indian Express and political analyst), Ajai Shukla (a former Army colonel and an expert in strategic affairs, defence and diplomacy, and R Jagannathan (editorial director of Swarajya). The app also has syndicated columns from Arvind Subramanian, Joseph Stiglitz, and Kenneth Rogoff.

You can contact the editorial team which is led by Shailesh Dobhal, at [email protected] and for business inquiries, contact Shailendra Kalelkar at [email protected].

Money Control: Share market news

Moneycontrol App is the no.1 app in for business and finance news. Get the app to track easily the latest updates and news on Indian and Global financial and share markets on your mobile with just a few clicks. The news coverage includes multiple assets from NSE, BSE, MCX and NCDEX exchanges and track indices (Sensex & Nifty), Stocks, Futures and Options, Commodities and Currencies, and Mutual Funds, with ease. Monitoring your investments with a detailed portfolio report and watch list is made easier. The app provides a full range of news coverage of markets and economy including personal finance sections. Get the valuable expert’s views, in-depth analysis and coverage of the financial markets. You can also live stream news from CNBC AWAAZ (Hindi), CNBC PRIME HD, and CNBC BAJAR (Gujarati).

App’s highlights

Enjoy seamless navigation on the Money Control app to swiftly browse through market, data, watchlist, stock-pin, stock-drawer, your portfolio, latest News, message board, and many more aspects. The app’s advanced voice-enabled search will help you to quickly find stocks, mutual funds, indices, commodities, latest market updates and more without the hassle of typing.

All the latest market data is at your fingertips now. Make the best investments and smartest decisions using the latest stock quotes, mutual funds, F&O, commodities and currencies from NSE, BSE, MCX and NCDEX, updated Sensex, NIFTY, India VIX prices and much more using the app. 

You will get an in-depth understanding of market statistics for stocks, and futures and options. The historical data and analysis is presented to you in the form of interactive charts like line, candlestick, area, and OHLC. 

The trends and news of the markets, business and economy are covered all day to get you the latest updates. Access the interviews of financial experts and senior management. The other interesting aspect on the app which helps you to listen to articles and news on the go is ‘Text to Speech’ feature. Additionally, you also have the option to save your favourite stories, news and articles to view/read later, when offline

Track and manage your portfolio for a range of asset classes like stocks, mutual Funds, ULIPs, Bullion and others. Get prompt updates on the performance of your portfolio and alerts and notifications for the stocks you hold.

Create a watchlist of your favorite stocks, futures and currencies, mutual funds, and commodities, and track them at your convenience from the watchlist. So that you can stay updated with the news on the stocks through  timely alerts.

Use the app’s forum message board to be a step ahead always with the trending recommendations, and by following your favourite topics and boarders. You can also interact with and participate in debates and discussuions relating to your choice of assets or portfolio.

The app’s other unbelievable pro offers include an ad-free experience with more space on your screen for content, for a faster and seamless experience. With the curated content for your portfolio you will get personalized and latest news.

Make the best out of the valuable insights, trends and analysis, smart commentary and opinions to decodes the news and provide you with suggestions that can help you make well-informed investment decisions. Benefit from the app’s independent and in-house and research team to get smart investment ideas that you can act upon and gain profits.

Technical Analysis of the markets is no more a challenge which will be provided by professional chartists and a smart calendar to follow the key business and economic events. Get essential tips and lessons on the market from successful experts and investors that you can easily emulate. The apps’s macro meter tool will give you the pulse of the what the high-frequency indicators say.

The app’s pro subscriptions are priced nominally which is Rs. 99 or $1.40 for monthly, Rs. 289 or $4.09 for three months, and Rs.999 or $14.13 for annual subscriptions. stock market app

The investment app has over millions of users from across the globe for every day finance and business news and to stay updates of the global financial and stock market news. The app offers a range of financial informational tools that will help you to stay up to date with stock tracker and alerts, market analysis and quotes, investment portfolio tracker, stock market charts, real-time stock prices, economic calendar, financial news and much more.

App’s highlights

The app brings the entire financial world to your palms by providing you with real-time prices, market quotes and stock market charts for more than one lakh asset instruments, traded across more than seventy global exchanges.

Track accurately and quickly major global indices, bonds, stocks, commodities and currencies, interest rates, futures and options. Follow the global and national economic calendar through the app’s live updates and events that will be customized to your interests.

The app’s real time Economic Calendar is a commonly used tool among the top traders and investors to follow the market events and movements as they are announced, and to quickly track stock market impact.

Create a personalized portfolio by adding your favorite instruments and assets and their holdings to your portfolio. With a customized watchlist you can easily track stock quotes, indices, commodities, ETFs and bonds which will be synced with your app account. 

Use the watchlist to access anytime the real time prices and use the Holdings Portfolio to know your total assets value anytime of the day and become a better investor using the app’s investment portfolio tracker.

Get customizable alerts for any asset instrument, economic event or articles on new financial analysis. You can set up notification alert for all 100,000 instruments, for a specific price( which will change depending on the % or volume). All these updates and alerts are on request, and are synced with the website.

Be the first to get the finance news and headlines on currencies, commodities, stock, and global economy, breaking news, videos, updates and analysis on global markets, technology, politics and business as well using the app’s personalized stock price alerts.

Make the best out of the key tools like Economic Calendar, Currency Converter, Market Quotes, Earnings Calendar, Finance News, Technical Summary, advanced charts, and much more. All you need to do is sign-in and continue from where you left by syncing your portfolio and personal alerts across all your devices.

The app’s brilliant community of investors and traders can help boost your knowledge of the financial markets and you can also share your favorite stories and articles on your social media accounts.

Use the app to follow the major global indices such as Nifty 50, BSE Sensex 30, Dow Jones, NSE, Bank Nifty, Nifty 200, NASDAQ, S&P 500, and KOSPI. Follow the Global and national share market leaders like Reliance Industries Ltd (RELI), State Bank of India (SBI), HDFC Bank (HDFK), Tata Motors (TAMO), ICICI Bank (ICBK), Infosys Ltd (INFY), Amazon (AMZN), Apple Inc. (AAPL),  Netflix (NFLX), Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL), Tesla (TSLA), and many more.

Commodity trends and prices for Crude Oil, Brent Oil, Cotton, Natural Gas, Soybean Oil, Aluminum, Zinc, Nickel, Silver, Gold, and Copper and tracking of major currencies like USD/INR, GBP/INR, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/INR, JPY/INR, USD/JPY is made available on the app. In addition, get real time data and updates on major bonds such as US Bond Yield, India 10 Year Bond Yield, and others

Be a step ahead of your peers with the top news and updates on financial markets and stock exchanges, read accurate finance news on shares and more and make wise investments in stocks.

Bloomberg finance and market news app

Bloomberg brings to you the breaking news and headlines on world finance and business, and share market and investments. Install the app to access top-notch business journalism to  understand better the market economics and financial news that will be shaping the future. Bloomberg brings to you customized updates to help you monitor your investment portfolio and the stock market. Stay updated on trending stories such as the US economy, Dow Jones, NASDAQ, oil prices, and more. The app is the sought-after choice of business leaders and financial experts who look for critical and credible business news.

App’s highlights

You can browse trending and featured stories in markets, business, foreign affairs, personal finance, industries, technology, politics, opinion and more from over one hundred global newsrooms of the app.

The market data and the latest financial updates are at your fingertips to help you perform fundamental analysis of stock prices, futures, bonds, equity indexes, commodities and foreign currencies. Get push notification  and alerts on the latest briefings about the economy and the trending business headlines.

Be it monitoring your stock portfolio, or understanding the latest news from across the globe, the app gives you data-driven analysis and insights, whenever and wherever you need it. Create a watchlist to track easily your portfolio’s performance by adding stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, or currencies to your watchlist, to get the latest updates on your investments.

Live stream and enjoy watching Bloomberg TV and radio live to get helpful insights from the smartest professionals in business, global finance, economics and investments, and also discover the app’s wide range of interesting podcasts. For offline reading you can also download the latest edition of the Businessweek from anywhere and anytime.

Subscribe to Bloomberg’s pro content to get unlimited access to all of Bloomberg’s content in the app and on the website, which can be done after you link your account. You can also choose a three month introductory offer which will be $34.99 per month. 

The payment will be deducted from your Google Play account after the purchased is confirmed and usually the subscription will be automatically renewed which you can also turn-off 24 hours before the end of the existing period in the account settings after purchase. The renewal will be done within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. 

ZEE business market app: NSE, BSE and Market

Zee Business Market is the most sought after app if you wish to stay abreast of all the market and finance news and analysis from every corner of the world. Get prompt updates on  national and international economy, personal finance, Banking and Finance, technology, jobs and many more. Zee Business app provides not just facts and information, but also the best deals to make money on the daily stock market buy and sell calls. 

App’s highlights

Boost your knowledge and get suggestions from the stock market and money experts who will be available on calls everyday to guide investors on the best investment and maximum return schemes. 

In addition, the experts will share tips and techniques to save more with lesser risk considering the from the vagaries of the evolving markets and to rightly weigh the global and national events and triggers. 

Get in-depth analysis and researched data on companies that are trending in the news. Watch and learn CMDs and CEOs spill beans in the interviews regarding the market nuances and their strategic intent. You will also get to know their sector-wise and company-wise insights and their future targets that will give the right growth for shareholders.

For all your investment and portfolio planning Zee Business app is the appropriate and trusted platform, that provides valuable content in a simple interface to market experts and beginners alike. So install the app to enjoy all the benefits under the same roof and fulfill all your financial needs.

The other interesting features of the app include, the language choice (available in Hindi and English), get live updates and market and business news on Indian stock market, finance, BSE, NSE, Nifty sensex at anytime and from anywhere.

The app covers a vast range of news categories which inclused top stories from India and abroad, updates about the industry, market, business, expert opinions, personal finance, technology, news features, environment, Sensex (Nifty – NSE India, BSE India), and many more.

The app has an interesting array of the trending photos in the gallery, videos and stories on the viral topics, option to download your favorite content to watch it later when offline, and receive push notifications on the breaking news and headlines to keep yourself updated about the market trends.

Financial Times app

Just as the name suggests Financial Times is the go to place for many market professionals and finance enthusiasts for credible global news, data and insights from experts to help you stay ahead. The app brings to your palms international business news, expert analysis and market data you need to stay ahead.

App’s highlights

Make the best out of the alerts, briefings, and top headlines on the app to transform yourself into a market expert. You can also download or save all the stories and news articles to catch up with the updates when you go offline. 

According to your search preference and topics of interest you can follow the news that will be of value addition to your portfolio. Be it text content, audios or videos, you can listen and watch them on the move as per your convenience.

Access the discussion and debates on trending topics and view comments and share your opinions as well. Stay relaxed and monitor without much of hassles your asset and data portfolio. The app also lets you to gift and share the trending contents with your friends and family using your social media account.

All you have to do is install the app, sign in to your Financial Times account and access the app’s award-winning content. The app is compatible and supports for Android 5 versions and above and for feedback on the app, you can mail to [email protected] and for customer support.

CNBC: Business and stock news

CNBC brings to you all the national happenings and global news that sends ripples in the by providing a comprehensive coverage on the CNBC business news app to help you to stay abreast on the current events affecting the market. The app provides round-the-clock market coverage ensuring that you are updated as and when events happen or news breaks. The CNBC mobile app brings to you credible and actionable business news, financial data, market analysis and primetime programming quicker than before. 

App’s highlights

Get instant breaking news alerts to your phone, watch live streaming of the news and stories, video clips and episodes directly on your mobile or Android device so that you are the first one to know about the trending CNBC primetime television shows anytime, and anywhere.

Stay on top of the market by following stocks and monitoring the markets which is made easier than before with the CNBC business news app. Track your stocks easily by customizing your watchlists and by getting real-time stock market quotes and global market data on your mobile all through the day. 

The pre and post market trading data is presented in the form of appealing charts that are customized according to time frames and choice of stocks, that you can access anytime from your mobile.

CNBC’s other exciting features include following the breaking news and stock alerts, enjoy round the clock global share market coverage and make and track your favorite stocks from your mobile in real-time. 

You can rest back and watch your investments grow using the app’s stock quotes, customizable time frames, and interactive charts. Access the trading data (both pre-market and after-hours) to understand better the market movements. Cryptocurrencies are also available now to give youan interesting investment experience.

In addition to accessing business news online, you can also live stream the updates while you are on the go in order to not miss a single update. To instantly know the finance news updates which includes stocks, investment and economics, you can send them directly to your mobile.

The app provides an unparalleled news coverage, round the clock on top business news,  personal finance, economic analysis, expert opinions, investment, technology, energy, politics, health care and much more.

Enjoy watching live streams of TV shows and your favorite news on your mobile device and other Android devices. You can either watch free news clips or log in with your cable or to live stream the complete set of episodes.

The app’s interface is designed with easy navigation and best functionality in mind, so the advanced search options and live streaming features enhance your app experience. 

You can also use the voice search feature, to find topics of your choice or opt for live streaming of your favorite CNBC shows and primetime shows.

Make the best out of the CNBC PRO which you can begin with the free 7 day trial and when you subscribe to CNBC PRO you can access exclusive insights and analysis on the markets. 

Be the first one to know the market updates and movements using the app’s Pro Playbook and Sell-side analyst calls features. Make the best of the real time updates, alerts and analysis on the global markets using the app. 

Benefit from the exclusive stories for investors, and from analyst and industry experts on the market movements, stock prices, and investing trends. You can also access the pro talks, live debates and discussions to arrive at smart investment decisions.

Access severa specific reports which include quarterly guides, earnings playbooks, and much more. You can also watch live streaming and trending episodes (available for users in the US). Enjoy watching the other daytime shows like “Mad Money,” “Squawk Box,” “Closing Bell,” “Fast Money,” “Halftime Report,” “Power Lunch,” and more. 

The app’s Investing Club will give inside access to the behind-the-scenes analysis, and real-time happenings of Jim Cramer’s Charitable Trust Portfolio. Follow the stock ratings and recommendations, trade alerts, price targets and more.

You can be a part of the Q&A with guest speakers and industry experts on the monthly live, to help you invest smarter and the Investing playbooks will help to expand your investment portfolio and knowledge.

Insider business news app

The Insider app gives a fast and convenient way to access business news on the go. Stay up-to-date with the latest news updates, smart analysis and insightful commentaries from experts from around the world and spanning a spectrum of insider verticals.

App’s highlights

Use the app’s summary mode to browse and go through the key details in each article directly in the main feed, this is a subscriber-exclusive feature, which you can try for free for seven days. Choose the one that interests you from a vast range of topics, which will then be included in your general feed so you not miss the latest important news that meets your preferences.

The app provides an ad-free experience with quicker load times and lesser interruption. You will promptly get the alerts on breaking news and stories as they develop. You have the option to either browse through the app’s extensive news archives and also save interesting articles to read later while offline. You can edit this saved list to delete all according to your preference.

Share with the world the trending stories and your favorite articles by mailing them to your friends directly or through your social media accounts like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, WhatsApp and others.

The app is open to aims to improvise the content and users’ overall experience so you can reach out to [email protected] for feedback about the app, [email protected] for app subscriptions, and to [email protected] to contact the team of editors.

Insider Subscription Agreement pertains to purchasing subscriptions and accessing articles and e-newsletters. The payment will charged to the iTunes account once the subscription is confirmed. 

You can choose a monthly subscription of $11.99 per month, a quarterly subscription of $27.99 per quarter, or an annual subscription of $99.99 per year. These subscriptions will be automatically re-newed and can also be turned off 24 hours before the next billing cycle. You can manage these in your Apple Account Settings post purchase.

The account will usually be charged for renewal 24 hours before the end of the current period, and find the renewal cost. Cancellation of the current subscription is not allowed during the existing subscription period.


Business News apps are a boon to many, regardless of their ages and background that brings to your finger tips national and international news covering various categories such as finance, stocks, business, and others. In an era like ours where we are racing against time and fumbling to keep pace with the booming news updates around us, we will look for everything right on our smartphones. Because we expect real-time news and updates instantly at a click of a button, this is where news apps come in handy by providing us with a dynamic experience with the news from all corners of the world. Similarly, when global news erupts, distorting the economy it sends ripples to the markets all around the world. The business news app act as a savious at such times getting to your fingertips real-time news coverage and to stay in the know about the latest events affecting the market.

While many of the features are offered for free to all its users, other valuable features can be unlocked and used for a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription. We have so far discussed the many features and benefits of the top ten business news apps in the market. Now, it is time for you to consider their highlights and use before picking the one that will suit you best. Delay no more and choose the right business app to transform yourself into a business guru.

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