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App Featured

Google Play hosts over a billion apps for worldwide users. It also opens the doors to several opportunities once Google get your app featured. These featured apps have an added advantage over other competing apps in securing a high ranking and conversion rate. There are three main types of features in the Google Play Store.

Google Featured Apps

Popular App Featured in Google Play

 The apps can get featured in top games, grossing,  selling ,ortrending. These featured spots are available for both games and apps. 

New App Featured in Google Play

Google feature newly updated apps either in new or recently updated apps. These include apps gaining popularity in less than 30 days of launch. Apps in these two segments appear in ‘For You’ section in Google Play.

Featured apps

 When Google Play chooses your app, it can appear in any of the below four sections.

  • Featured.
  • Staff Picks.
  • Editors’ Choice.
  • Top Developer.

Your app has to be appealing and approved by the Google Play team. If Google feature you  in any of these sections, you most likely should expect  a better app’s growth.  The app store visitors will see your app as a trusted and good-to-go option. So, it is easy to attract new users and retain the previous ones..

Featured Apps on Google Play

Along with a successful ASO strategy, monitor the below-mentioned aspects. It can increase your chances of being featured in the Google Play store.

Implement ASO and app localization.

These two key marketing strategies will make sure your app stands out. In addition, keyword optimization makes reaching out to a wider audience easier. ASO and app localization focus on enhancing the app’s visibility and influence its ranking. 

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Impressive app performance.

Your app’s performance must be error-free and of top-notch quality to secure a high ranking. Google will not approve slow apps  with many technical glitches. 

An app with consistent performance devoid of bugs will automatically catch Google’s attention, increasing the chances of being featured. You can refer to the Android Vitals Dashboard in Google Play Console to understand the areas of improvement and other parameters that need immediate resolution.

Design a user-centric UI and UX.

As much as high downloads are important to secure a high app store ranking, so is user engagement. You must consider the user’s preferences and choices as the top priority when designing and updating the app’s UI and UX. 

Strengthening user communication through feedback, reviews, and ratings lets you track and understand the app’s issues and likes and dislikes. Hence, you will be able to fix bugs promptly, update new much-in-demand features, and evaluate the chances of being featured.

App marketing through influencers and media.

You can multiply the reach to your target audience by collaborating with influencers who match your app’s value/category. Influencers who are bloggers can help you get quality backlinks too. The audience reach and app discoverability will grow by leaps and bounds. 

Tell your app’s journey to the world through press releases or websites. Advertise all the solutions your app can offer and showcase the app’s unique features. Eventually, you’ve to build a compelling story that solely concentrates on adding value to the user. 


As you develop the app, place the user as the centerpiece, and create an app that will truly impress and benefit the user. Therefore, with a proper ASO strategy, your app will secure a high app store ranking. It’d increase the chances of your app being featured by Google Play.

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