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Retention rate

App retention rate is a key indicator to understand why and when the users stop using your app. The app retention rate will measure the number of users who continue to use your app over a specific period.

Key Indicators App Retention Rate Benchmarks

  • Track the app performance for a stipulated time.
  • Understand the user’s preferences and queries.
  • Finds the strengths and weaknesses of your app.
  • Helps you identify the app’s KPIs and fix the loopholes that affect the conversion.
  •  Effective user engagement technique.
  • Identifies the need to re-engage the respective user segment.
  • Helps you monitor and implement the evolving app market trends.
  • Allows you track and predict the app’s steady income.
  • Finds the app’s capacity and creativity to secure new users and retain them.
  •  Aids you monitor the competitor’s unique features and success tactics.

Best tips to improve the App Retention Rate Benchmarks


There are methods that you can implement to give the user a unique experience by taking into account their location and preferences. Personalizing can significantly improve the app’s retention rate. 

You can categorize the users according to your goal and customize the app to meet their preferences. This also makes retargeting easier and more effective.

Work on re-engagement techniques.

Get creative and redesign the app to engage different user segments effectively. For example, you can share user stories, try in-app messaging, and apply other ways to connect and engage the user. When users  feel their opinions are valued and acknowledged, they will stay. So, the user retention rate can be maintained by implementing quality user engagement.

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Identify and fix the holdups in the app.

Monitor and identify the factors that affect the user experience. Find the reasons and issues that led to a user leaving the app. Address these issues and improve the app functionality accordingly for a seamless and impressive user experience.

Run tests to understand user preferences.

Run A/B tests while introducing a new feature to understand how it is received by the user and its acceptance in the app market. Testing the app updates on smaller user segments can indicate the aspects  to be improved before  presenting it to a broader audience. 

Give a great onboarding experience.

Before using the app, the short time in which the user begins to get familiar with the app is most important. Studies suggest most users stop using app during this phase

So, make a great first impression, and give an incredible user experience. Keep the tutorial videos and in-app messaging accessible. Provide easy navigation and a simple onboarding process without cumbersome form fillings.


Retention rates allow app marketers understand the app’s performance over time. A good retention rate is an important indicator that shows your app satisfy its users. 

 That is why retention rate benchmarks are an essential factor for app marketers. Understand the best practices, and implement those that suit your app category to improve the app’s retention rates.

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