App preview videos are essential visual elements. The preview videos run for a short time, advertising the app’s features, UI (user interface), and UX (user experience) on your App page.  A preview video in your app store listing may not directly influence your app’s visibility but having an appealing app preview video can surely help increase conversions.

App Store Video Best Practices

  • Keep the user’s app experience in mind while optimizing the preview video.
  • You can include a call to action to boost conversions.
  • Use the first few seconds of the video to promote the app’s core features.
  • Do not make the video longer than 30 seconds.
  • The app preview video must have the app’s footage, demonstrating the real app experience.
  • Create an exciting video that highlights the app’s unique features.
  • The users can watch the video on mute. So, include subtitles.
  • Localize the preview video and redesign it to address the users of different cultural demographics.
  • Provide personal details from a sample account.
  • Make sure you are legally authorized to use the elements in the video, such as the music or brand names.
  • Avoid linking your video with specific events or timelines; it will look outdated.
  • Do not exaggerate to hype the user’s expectations. Misleading information is a major put-off for potential users.

App Preview Guidelines

  • A preview video on your app product page is not mandatory. Yet, Google Play recommends that a promo video can enhance better discoverability and easier decision-making for potential users.
  • Your app can have one preview video, which must be directly linked to YouTube. Deactivate the ads on your app preview video, so it cannot be monetized.
  • Use YouTube analytics to monitor your videos.
  • Embed the app preview video.
  • Your promo video should be a value addition to the viewers. The video will be visible in Google Play.
  • The promo video must give the user a real app experience, so reduce the app branding.
  • Use only footage within the app, not of people talking about the app.
  • Do not use the Apple app store’s video in portrait orientation in Google Play. You can also use the videos in Google ads.
  • Ensure the promo video has appropriate content and the right tone to address audiences from all the age groups.
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App preview guidelines for the Apple app store.

  • Use only the footage of the app. 
  • Make the video content and the subtitle simple and easy to follow.
  • The preview videos should not cross 30 seconds; else, you cannot upload them on App Store Connect.
  • Highlight the app’s other special features in the 2nd or 3rd preview video.
  • Do not use animations that use gestures. Keep in mind to make the video appropriate for users above four years.
  • Stick to the app store’s resolution guidelines instead of zooming in.
  • You must inform the users about the in-app purchases or subscriptions. The disclaimer can be part of the video or at the end.
  • Your app store listing has the pricing details, so avoid mentioning it in the video.
  • Give a skilled voiceover with appealing audio.
  • Use an appropriate poster frame in case the preview video does not open.
  • For Apple pre-orders, you can use preview videos for advertising your app.
  • Your paid user acquisition methods can be improved by displaying preview videos.

Then, how to create the best app preview videos.

There is no guidebook for the best practices for the app preview videos. Before including promo videos in your app store listing, you must understand the difference in the app stores’ guidelines (Apple and Google Play).

Monitor the performance of the preview videos and their influence on the app conversions. Else change and experiment unless the preview videos begin to impact the app downloads positively.