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The use of relevant keywords in the app description is a vital factor for the overall success of ASO. The relevant keywords can influence the app store search results and enhance the app’s visibility. The key is to use the right set of popular keywords with proper density.

Tips for App Description Keywords 

The app description space gives you the best opportunity to highlight the features and specialties of your app. Therefore, make it as convincing as possible to drive downloads by including the most relevant keywords. 

  • Start with your app’s best feature, and do not forget to use the main keyword. Explain the benefits of the app to improve conversion rate and app ranking.
  • Optimize the ASO to understand the correct usage of keywords in the description.
  • Use emojis in the app description. The rich formatting and simple conversational description will impress the app visitor to know more about the app.
  • Run multiple tests for the description preview to analyze and select the one that best suits the user’s likes and dislikes and perfectly conveys the app highlights.
  • Do not forget to mention the awards and achievements of the app to encourage the user to trust the app. Any kind of social proof of the app’s performance can lead to an increase in app downloads.
  • If you are localizing your app, remember to adapt the moods and expectations of the local audience in the description.
  • Include a call to action at the end of the description to improve the conversion rates.
  • Promote the latest features in your app, highlight the new app updates, and market all the app integrations effectively in the app description. This can bring down the churn rates.
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Best App Store Descriptions Short / Long

  • The short description allows up to 80 characters for you to describe the app highlights. Make it exciting and appealing to convince users to read more and download the app.
  • The long description is an extension of the short description. Start with the app’s best highlight and use the relevant keywords and the brand name in the long description.
  • Convey the app’s message in a convincing way to the prospective user. The description should clearly explain the app’s purpose and the user’s benefits.
  • Not all app visitors will be interested to read the long description; hence, do not forget to mention the app’s key features in the short description.
  • Do not try to fit in the popular keywords too often in the description. It will affect the content and quality. Place the keywords casually to optimize the keyword search.
  • Include bullet points and subheadings to make the app description readable and understandable.
  • Ensure the proper formatting and spell checks are done. A description with spelling or formatting errors is an instant put-off for the user.
  • Use simple language that can accurately convey the app’s brand value. Do not exaggerate. It will weaken the credibility of the app.
  • A call to action at the end of the description can significantly guide the user and increase the app conversion rate.

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App Store Keywords Best Practices

App description is one of the pivotal spaces where you can delineate the key features and uniqueness of your app. You have to insert right keywords with proper density for best results in terms of ASO.

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An App Store optimization strategy can help you to research and find the most popular and relevant keywords. 

Regardless of your app’s extensive web page marketing and online advertising, app store optimization is crucial to attract in organic app traffic and enable app visibility. So follow the guidelines to impress the app visitor and stay ahead of the competition.

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Summary of App Description Keywords

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App Description Keywords 🇮🇳 Long / Short Keywords