There are more than 4 million apps in the app stores, giving users multiple options for shopping, fitness, and finance. So it becomes more critical in a crowded app market to make your app stand out. Read more about the best tips and techniques to gain more visibility for your app and scale up the app’s growth.

Promote android app rank in your network

Your friends and family are your inner circle and would surely be ready to help. Talk to them about your app and its highlights. Once they download and begin to use your app, they, in turn, would surely spread the word among their circle of family and friends about the great features of your app. The network branches out further, and so does the popularity of your app. Soon you will see an immense expansion of your user base.

Apply App Store optimization strategies

App store optimization is the best marketing tool for apps, just like Search Engine Optimization is for websites. ASO ensures your app gains more visibility and organic app traffic. It brings in a steady flow of new app users. 

App Store Optimization aims to create a great app store listing so that the app becomes discoverable and interesting to your target audience. Below are the key factors that the app store optimization strategy works and acts upon to boost the app’s growth:

User feedback and reviews

User reviews are key in determining how well the app functions. The more positive reviews, the better the app gets ranked.

App downloads

As much as the organic app growth is important, so is the actual download of the app. As the number of app downloads increases, the app automatically climbs up in the ranking chart.

Attractive app visuals

To evoke the app visitor’s interest in the shortest of time, the app visuals in the icon, title, and screenshots have to be eye-catchy and interesting. So user conversion becomes easier.

Relevant Keyword

Keywords are the road map to your app. Using popular and relevant keywords in the app’s description, name, and title will get you more downloads. Place the most popular keywords in the metadata fields to get the app in the top organic search results.

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If you are unsure about the keywords, here are our app store keywords best practices .

App Revenue

App stores focus on apps with an ascending revenue graph

Regional success

App’s success in your demography can influence the ranking. A better ranking can, in turn, increase the popularity in other regions too.

Add Backlinks

Include backlinks in relevant pages; this can improve the app ranking.

Social media popularity

It has a great influence on bringing new app visitors and users. +1’s on Google+ can find if users notice or ignore your app.

User Retention

Keep updating and redesigning your app according to the demands in the market. User retention gets taken care of automatically. Because the number of users uninstalling the app vs. the number of users who keep it affects the app ranking.

Run suitable App Store Ads

App store ads are the best way to supplement the App store optimization and leverage the app growth. The two main mediums for app store ads are Google UAC Campaigns and Apple Search Ads. You can run app install campaigns using both, attracting more users to download the app. App store ads can boost your user base and increase the app’s revenue.

The critical factor in the Apple search ads is Keywords. Analyze and fix bids on the most searched and relevant keywords to increase the app traffic. Then, when app store visitors search using these keywords in the Google play store or Apple app store, your ad will appear even before the rank #1 search result. 

So use your keywords wisely because the good news is that the average conversion rate for Apple Search Ads is 50%. 

Target audience demographics and campaign goals are the key aspects of Google App campaigns. First, find and analyze the people who will be interested in downloading your app and also start using it. This becomes possible if you can match the target audience with the audience demographics. Set the app downloads as your campaign goal. And the campaigns will get optimized to this goal by Google.

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Remember, visuals play a vital role in both Apple and Google’s app store ads. However, the campaign visuals can drive more downloads or entirely fail. So, to make the best use of the app store ads, get appealing visuals in the app icon and screenshots to optimize the app visibility.

Use Social Media Ads to enhance the app’s Brand Awareness.

We all know the influential benefits of a social media ad. It acts as a powerful marketing tool for most categories of apps. Promotion on social media can be paid or organic.

Organic Social Media app promotion

You can reach the target audience with interesting content. A dedicated page on social media that can showcase the app’s highlights is a great influence. And to deal with the limitations of these online platforms, you can choose the paid promotion method that has many better benefits.

App Install campaigns work well on portals like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Create a setting where viewers will be directed to your app store listing when they click on the call-to-action (CTA). An appealing app store optimization strategy will encourage the user to download. 

To earn the best return out of these ads (ROAS – return-on-ad-sales), understand the category and demography of your target user. Then, design the content to make the target user stop, go through your app and consider downloading. These paid promotion techniques can be designed to suit the regional audience and their interests.

Each social media channel works differently to suit its users’ likes. So, become familiar with the benefits and limitations of these platforms before investing your money in the campaigns.

Promote through Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an effective way to boost the popularity of the mobile app and gain more users. It is a process that uses influential personalities with favorable profiles and personalities who also have highly engaged audiences to promote your app’s brand and increase revenue growth. 

The influencers become the brand ambassadors of your mobile app. However, running an influencer campaign that matches the target audience, and the people you wish to associate the app with is vital. 

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For a smaller budget, you can search for micro-influencers or consider campaigning yourself in mediums like Instagram or Facebook. You can become a part of the community you wish to target and pin yourself as a brand by engaging consistently with the other users.

Referral benefits for existing users

Create a referral program in the app and fix reward settings for the invitee and inviter. This effectively boosts your user base because it works on the word-of-mouth marketing that carries the trust factor. People believe and are willing to try new app recommendations from their friends or family who have been actual users. 

Also, the rewards and the bonus points act as the perfect alluring element, and it becomes a win-win scenario for both the parties and you.

Create an app landing page

You can reach out to the maximum number of prospective users by having an app landing page or website. People usually search the internet for answers and solutions to their queries. Get the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) right to position your app for the target audience. Your app will be the solution the audience has been looking for on the internet.

Again, embedding the landing page and website with the right and relevant keywords is the golden key to ranking top in the search results list on Google. Therefore, the keywords will pull up your website to the most searched results, and the website that will be the app’s marketing tool will drive more users to your app. 

It is important to create a customized app promotion strategy that will fit well within your budget and target. You will have to analyze and update your app to suit the market demands. The services of an App store optimization agency will be able to leverage the app’s growth to gain visibility and a high rank in the app store’s charts.

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