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The app industry is growing rapidly, with over 4 million apps in the App stores. So it’s more challenging to get your app noticed by the app visitors. With an appropriate App store optimization strategy and a marketing plan, your app has a higher chance of attracting traffic and staying ahead of the competition.

You can work in tandem with app marketers to incorporate techniques because it influences app visibility to establish a niche for your app in the increasingly crowded app market.  

Five best tips to increase app installs.

Device an ASO strategy

An ASO plan is one of the best techniques for your app to rank higher in the app stores and increase app installs. App store optimization targets and strengthens the following aspects for your app’s discoverability:

  1. It helps create an appealing App title.
  2. It performs keyword research for optimized search results.
  3. ASO analyses the market and user behavior and helps you to write a compelling and convincing app description.
  4. By implementing an ASO, you can run A/B tests to understand the best performing and converting app elements.
  5. ASO helps you monitor your competitor’s popular keywords, marketing methods, and creative assets. 
  6. It identifies the growth opportunities to aid you in making an informed decision.
  7. ASO helps you to localize your app by optimizing the app elements. The keywords have to suit the taste of the regional audience.
  8. ASO studies indicates that you can maintain the app’s reviews and ratings because It is an influencing factor in increasing the app installs.

Create impressive app UI and UX.

The user’s app experience directly depends on the design and functionality of your app. Create a seamless app experience and captivating designs by optimizing the app icon, screenshots, or preview video. 

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It can drive the users to download and experience the unique features of your app. So, ensure the app’s product page has catchy visuals and is compatible with multiple platforms and mobile devices.

Market through social media platforms.

Expanding your app presence through social media is an effective advertising technique. It is an ideal channel to stay in touch with potential users and understand their preferences.

Familiarize the app’s tone and social media content with your brand’s values. You can connect easily with the target users and boost the app’s conversion.

Optimize and leverage the app’s content.

A structured and quality content strategy adds value to the app users and holds their interest. Customize your app’s content differently for social media posts, blogs, newsletters, emails, tutorial videos, etc. 

Users look for relevance and value in the content that you provide. So, create content that clearly explains the app’s purpose. It should naturally urge the user with a call to action.

Try to engage with the users with surveys and quizzes. Show them that you care for a long-term relationship, thereby gain the user’s interest by providing authentic content that aligns with the latest trends in the app industry.

Give an impressive onboarding experience for the user.

An enjoyable onboarding experience establishes value. The potential user clearly understands the app’s benefits and key features with this. 

Provide a personalized user experience. Later on plan on providing product recommendations, offers, discounts, and in-app messages to maintain the user retention rate. 

Also, avoid cumbersome details filling and simplify the sign-in process. So the app installation experience would be convenient for the user.

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Points to remember.

The app store is a competitive and challenging place, especially for new apps. Therefore, implement the techniques below to stay ahead of your competitors and increase your app installs.

  • Create attractive app assets and an instinctive user interface.
  • Invest in ASO for the success of your app.
  • Expand your app’s presence through social media.
  • Influence through content marketing to reach out to more users.
  • Personalize and simplify the user’s app onboarding experience.

If you’re still unsure about the best techniques, then do check out our proven aso techniques.