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We all have been scrolling through, laughing, and saving our favourite reels and short videos on Facebook and Instagram. Ever wondered at the effort and artistry that goes into making these? It is possible and at a brilliant level by using short video-making and creating an app.A short video app is a one-stop stall to showcase your creativity, boost your video-making skills, and also stay entertained. Built with a huge virtual music library, umpteen editing tools, and filters, and a global community of creators for you to follow and stay inspired, these apps are gaining popularity among users of all age groups.Also you can check mobile ad network

Top 10 Best Short Video Apps In India

App Name Rating Downloads App Url Highlight
Hipi – Indian Short Video App 4.4⭐ 5M+ Playstore link

✅Hipi is the perfect platform for anyone looking to express their creativity through singing, dancing or making funny videos.

✅You can share your comedy videos with your friends

✅You can able to Find and get entertained by a massive community of creators

ShareChat – Made in India 4.2⭐ 100M+ Playstore link

✅ShareChat app is available in 15 Indian languages viz. Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Odia, Bhojpuri, Assamese, Rajasthani, Haryanvi & Urdu

✅You can make friends and share regional videos with people who speak your own language.✅You can able to download and share FREE WhatsApp and funny Status Videos

Moj 4.3⭐ 100M+ Playstore link

✅Moj App is available in multiple languages

✅You can Connect with your fans and favorite Mojis with Moj Live

✅You can earn with virtual gifting, referral program, and daily challenges

Zili Short Video App for India 4.0⭐ 100M+ Playstore link

✅You can share our videos on WhatsApp and Facebook with a single tap

✅You can upload your videos and become an influencer

✅ You can enjoy various music and add to your videos for free

Tiki – Short Video App 4.2⭐ 100M+ Playstore link

✅This is an entertaining & infortaining short-form video app

✅Great platform for you to express yourself

✅You can also become a creator & showcase your talents

Chingari – Watch & Earn Crypto 4.0⭐ 50M+ Playstore link

✅One of the fastest-growing short video apps

✅Direct notification to followers from creators

✅You can watch your favorite movies with this app

Rizzle – Short Video Maker 4.5⭐ 50M+ Playstore link

✅Create high-quality, professional short videos with ease u

✅Easily add images from your gallery to make stunning videos with user-friendly templates.

✅Make Instagram Reels, Stories, YouTube Shorts, WhatsApp statuses, Businesses Ads & Sales in a jiffy with one of the most innovative and popular short video maker & editor apps in India.

Josh Lite: Short Videos App 4.1⭐ 1M+ Playstore link

✅Easy-to-use camera with real-time filters, special effects, face stickers, makeup camera, emojis and much more make the creator’s life easy ✅ Reels do it on Josh with your friends, loved ones, and even celebrities

✅Currently available in 12 languages

Zoomerang – Short Videos 4.2⭐ 10M+ Playstore link

✅Zoomerang is the ultimate template-based video creator and app, making it easy to create and edit your original artwork with just a few clicks.

✅Join the community of over 25 million users from around the world who share their creativity and become a celebrity.

✅With over 300 aesthetic and AI effects, you can unleash your inner artist without any prior experience. Turn into an expert video creator using Liquis, Copies, Ai Vins, specials and more!

Changa – Made in India | Short 4.0⭐ 5M+ Playstore link

✅Changa App is the ultimate destination for creativity and originality. Create your own original short-form videos, share them with friends and followers, and watch them come to life in stunning HD quality.

✅You can even go live and broadcast your talents or events to a wide audience.

✅With unique tools, features and prizes up for grabs, Changa App makes creating and sharing videos effortless and fun.

Of course, there are many other top Indian short video apps – which we couldn’t include in the list. The majority of these have been at the top in 2022 and 2023 respectively.

Hipi: Indian short video app

Hipi is the right choice if you love singing, and dancing or if you are enthusiastic about making funny videos. It has an endless stream of personalized picks of short videos that you can watch, skip, pause or engage with videos of your choice. This Indian app is already the popular choice of platform for many short video viewers and creators.

The app has a video maker feature with many toggle options, using which you can create and download funny videos. Go ahead and share your amusing videos with your friends and family as status or on social media.

Hipi makes it easy for you to explore and create your original videos by providing simple and user-friendly features to make beautiful videos of your daily moments.

The app streams a limitless amount of customized videos for you. Your video-making journey will take a new high with exciting special effects, filters, music, and more from the app. You can also watch trending status videos from sports (cricket, football, etc) and cute and lovely animal videos using the Hipi app.

Do not miss a chance to explore and try different segments and genres that are made ready for you, ranging from a WhatsApp status download or trending comedy videos. Get ready to groove to your favorite beats, lip-sync to the trending videos, listen on loop to your favorites, and download the trending comedy video using the app’s video status feature.

The app’s other highlights include pausing or resuming your favorite videos for a continuous viewing experience, and learn, share, and get entertained by joining the vast community of video creators.

You can now browse and edit using the app’s cohesive editing tools to create your artistic reels, status, and shorts, or just explore creating trending comedy videos. Hipi’s happy world welcomes your creative, entertaining, and inspiring short videos to turn you more popular and trending.

Using the app’s new ‘Shop’ button you can now discover and shop fashion, accessories, hair care, outfits and beauty products from the videos. Watch and learn from the useful and trending style inspiration and tips and save the looks that you love.

 Share chat: made in India app

Using the Share Chat app you can now browse endlessly and join the best groups that are to your taste and interest like, English speaking, Pubg gang, general knowledge and current affairs for students, food lovers , Memes, nature lovers, WhatsApp Status and many more.

Using the Share Chat app’s interesting face and video filters and over 300 emojis you can create funny videos. You can also download amusing short videos, audios, jokes, funny images and gifs, ​shayari,​ ​motivational and funny quotes​, ​bhajans, and devotional songs, all in the same app.

The app has over 25 crore enthusiastic users and the chat room supports over 15 Indian languages like Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, Punjabi, Malayalam, Odia, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, etc. Make friends and broaden your network in the chat room by interacting and sharing with fellow enthusiasts of over 100 million users.

The app’s main features are, options to download jokes, ​memes, Whatsapp statuses​, Trolls, Wishes, and Greetings, viral videos from famous Indian movies, create your chatroom with like-minded new friends, share and showcase your talent and turn into a celebrity.

You can also repost your favorite videos and images, and create Whatsapp stickers from any of your photos. Stay updated on the latest beauty and makeup tips, fitness videos, and trends in your locality.

Enjoy other useful and entertaining features like daily Horoscope, astrology in all Indian languages, find the latest ​love quotes​, grooming tips, interview tricks, homemade remedies, devotional songs, and many more. 

Moj share chat app

Moj guarantees unlimited entertainment from creating fun short videos to discovering the latest trends and creators. If you are a passionate creator, a novice, or one who loves endless entertainment, the app is your ultimate destination. The app is your perfect entertainment partner to watch, create, earn and connect instantaneously. Moj App is available in English, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bengali, Odia, Marathi, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Rajasthani, Assamese, Haryanvi and Urdu!

Bring out the actor in you by lip-syncing to your favorite dialogues, and songs. Create and watch endless funny videos. Become the diva, dancer, and fashionista that you always wanted to be by flaunting your swag moves, and stunning looks and participating in dress-up challenges.

Do not miss out on exploring and watching unlimited audio and videos across different genres, categories, and languages of your choice. Become the master at creating and editing videos in slow-motion, duets, and many more types. Connect and engage in real-time using the app’s Live feature. Stand a chance to earn by virtual gifting, referrals, and daily challenges and create a special bond with your viewers. 

Zili short video app for India

Zili in addition to being a short video app is an exhaustive source of fun and entertainment app that will suit all your moods and interests. Access hundreds of fun videos, bits from famous movies, comedy sketches, cool dance moves, and trending music.

Zili is popular for its treasure trove of interesting and funny videos and for being the best platform for creative minds. Laugh out loud, share your cool dance moves or funny videos on Instagram and Facebook, watch inspiring and thought-provoking videos or download your favorite videos and reels in a single click.

Turn into a popular media influencer by uploading your creative and engrossing videos and getting hundreds of followers. You can also enjoy various trending audio bits or tracks and add them to your videos for free.

Browse and enjoy the wide range of free music clips and trending music in rock, rap, hip-hop, country, EDM, and more on Zili and turn them into your creation by editing. You can now become the next Zili icon by making the best out of the exciting possibilities of shooting creative videos with your favorite songs. Whether you are a tech geek, music enthusiast, animal lover, or fun-loving prankster, Zili has fervent groups that you can be part of to learn, bond, and share with a wider community. 

Tiki short video app

The app is the right place for budding talent and entertainment. Enjoy making and watching the most interesting range of short high-quality videos from different categories such as comedy, dance, drama, lipsync, food, lifestyle, and fashion. Express your creative self and create beautiful videos of your memorable moments. You can also share your creations and your favorite videos with your family and friends.

Like, share, and comment on your favorite videos, bond with other creators and be a part of the most exciting community of fellow enthusiasts. Learn and master the art of making alluring short videos and become a star of the community. Enjoy watching the live broadcast programs, exciting live streaming gifts, and enthusiastic live chats by joining the family of Tiki live.

Browse and choose from a wide range of popular videos and discover the endless possibilities in short video making. The app also recommends personalized video content for you based on the video you like and engage with. rab your moment to become a star, by practicing and improving your skills by using the app’s user-friendly video editor which offers several editing tools and many music choices.

Enjoy adding trending music bits and soundtracks from hip hop, Bollywood, rap, funk, k-popo, and more to your video creations to enhance the overall feel of your short video. Explore and try the variety of stylish special effects using which you can make trending videos in a few seconds. Blend, cut, replicate, trim, and merge videos easily using the app’s video editing tools. Unlock hundreds of stylish filters, effects, stickers, and AR objects to upscale your video.

The app is the best place to turn your interest into your passion, your normal self into a celebrity. Be it dancing, singing, cooking, filming, comedy, games, knowledgeable facts, or following trends, you can do it all and become an influencer.

The app treats each of its users as a star. All you have to do is make wonderful videos and share your creation on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube to turn into a superstar. In the app’s discover section find and bond with new creators. Experience different content, meet new creators, and watch the latest videos. 

Chingari: watch and earn gari

Chingari is the ultimate choice for you to transform into an internet star and a short video influencer. It is one of the fastest-growing apps that lets you to create interesting videos, dance to your favorite tunes, try exciting AR filters, lip-sync to trending songs or dialogues and earn with short videos.

Powered by the app’s in-app token, you can now earn just as you share videos with your followers. The app’s user-friendly and elegant layout helps you to discover easily your favorite content and bring it to your fingertips. The app is a multilingual platform which lets you connect with a wider network of audience and is available in more than 20 languages like English, Hindi, Kannada, Gujarati, Bangla, Marathi and more.

You can watch, like, and share videos on the app and earn more in Gari and with the booster badges you can multiply your earnings 10 times. Enjoy the app’s latest themes and special effects to create personalized content and experience.

In the app’s audio room which is a host to infinite users (followers and creators) can collab and bond on audio and the app will send direct messages from creators to followers. And you can also enjoy videos from your followers. Send virtual gifts and bond well using the in-app gifting option.

The app has an alliance with ONMO which is a popular gaming platform, where you can expand your circle, challenge your friends, and enjoy gaming. Using diamonds, which is the in-app virtual currency you can pay for products and services in the app, buy digital gifts or assets in the audio room and enhance your videos to improve the audience reach.

Binge-watch the latest and your favorite movies and with the app’s Q TV options watch television at your leisure. You can use the inbox to directly connect with your favorite creators and follow their’s videos on their feed. You can also like and leave a tip for the creators you follow and grab exclusive content and reward as you keep tipping more.

Become a Chingari superstar by getting badges and rewards to become famous overnight. Creating an admirable video is just a click away and flaunt your skills with over 150 million Chingari users. From the app’s wallet which is integrated with the tipping p2p wallet, you can send and receive Gari from other wallets. Use your Gari to tip your favorites and receive more Gari and surprising rewards. 

Rizzle: short video maker

The app is one of the most innovative and popular short video maker and editor apps in India. Free video templates, music, filmi+, transition effects, and other editing are its unique features. Create and edit high-quality, and professional short videos for your Instagram Reels, Stories, YouTube Shorts, WhatsApp statuses, Businesses, Ads, Sales, etc in a jiffy using the app’s simple and easy interface.

Add images from your gallery to make stunning videos, as the app’s templates are user-friendly and are suited for different occasions like festivals, anniversaries, birthdays, and more. You can also create personalized fitness, cooking, fashion, or photography videos using the app’s texts and filters without any watermarks. These video templates also include catchy and trending music that you can access and use for free.

The app’s transition effects are a built-in pause option to make video creation easier and the transition templates cut down on editing to save time. Choose a transition template, add effects and trending music to your videos and share them on social media in a few seconds. The app’s green screen is its most exciting feature to satisfy your craving for out-of-the-world backgrounds. Use the green screen option to change backgrounds in real-time switching from solid to gradient or a photo of your choice.

Browse and choose from the wide range of music and sound effects that is available for free in the app’s music library to give an added appeal to your videos. You can also give voice-overs or remove unwanted sounds in your videos to get that realistic feel.You are just a click away from creating stunning videos using the app’s Filmi+ feature. It gives extraordinary editing options, adds striking visual effects, and transforms your videos into a visual treat. Just add a soundtrack to your video, the rest of the magic Filmi+ will do by adding effects to match the beats. 

Josh lite: short videos app

It is one of India’s best short video apps where you can enjoy grooving to trending songs, and reels, be a part of an exciting community, watch funny videos, and many more. It is the most popular destiny to watch, create, upload, and share your skills across the world.

Discover other prominent creators in Josh lite and be amazed at the endless opportunities in creating and editing beautiful videos every day. Under categories like comedy, photography, reels, fashion, snacks, jokes, and much more discover challenges daily. You can also watch and share fun challenges and widen your network

Browse from an exhaustive list of movies from different genres to binge-watch. Enjoy listening to an exciting range of audios and videos on comedy, Shayari, trending songs, gifs, short clips from comedy films, bhajans, and devotional music on this multi-dimensional platform.

Get feeds specially curated in your favorite language for you to connect and engage with, more easily. The app currently supports over twelve languages like English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, and many more.

On this trendy video enjoy watching from a personalized list of movies and sharing your favorites with your friends and family. Follow star influencers to watch, share and enjoy their videos on your feed. Connect with over ten million creators and become a part of the most happening community to discover new possibilities and talents.

Turn your interest to create videos into a passion using the app’s latest filters and stylish templates. Add that trending track or sound bit to your video to give it that extra magic and make your motion picture a magical masterpiece. 

Zoomerang: short videos app

Zoomerang is a trending and user-friendly template-based video creator and app. With a few clicks create, edit and share your original artwork on popular platforms to become a celebrity. The app’s community has over twenty-five million enthusiastic users from around the world.

The app offers a wide range of possibilities to bring to life your creativity by choosing from more than 300 aesthetic and AI effects like Liquis, Copies, Ai Vins, specials and more. Turn into an expert video creator using the filters such as retro, b&m, aesthetic, and many more.

Download this all-in-one video creation and editing app and upscale your skills by connecting with a global network of creators, learning about the trends in social media, and creating unique content on this app. Create video collages of your favorite visuals in the most alluring way and in a jiffy.

Use the stylish templates to create short and trendy videos favorable across platforms using the app’s step-wise tutorials. Follow and use hashtags to spot easily the viral templates, featuring famous songs for different categories. To improve the appeal and sharpness of your creation remove unwanted background or elements and use the face zoom effect.

Explore and learn from over two lakh popular template creators and be a part of exciting challenges and to know about the featured templates stay tuned to the trends on social media. You can also share with the app your TikTok challenges and it will make video creation easier for you.

Using the app’s video editor tool become a pro at editing and adding text in more than thirty different fonts. Use exclusive features like colorful shadows, borders, and animations to edit your text. Try different styles like transform, reverse, and split to enhance the overall appeal of the video.

Browse and choose from a wide variety of gifs, emojis, and stickers to improve the appeal and import, or add your favorite music track to add magic to your videos. Do not miss the app’s exciting features like stickers, color effects, and face beautification tools to bring a striking appeal to your videos. 

Changa: made in India short

Changa App is one of the popular short videos app that also supports live broadcasts in India. Create, watch and upload your original creation using the app’s unique tools and features to showcase your talent, win prizes and gain followers

Watch trending videos, create status, stories, and reels using exclusive video editing features and share them with your family and friends. 


Short video apps are a boon to a huge percentage of artistic minds who know the trends and are waiting for the right platform to up and showcase their lesser-known talents. Delay no more, go ahead and install a short video-making app to explore and be amazed at the infinite possibilities that video-making and editing can offer. The apps are aligned to suit the preferences, skills, and trends of different user segments. Loaded with stylish templates, filters, and a music library, these apps are a treasure trove for the art-creator sleeping in you.

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