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App Name Rating Downloads App Url Highlight
Hipi – Indian Short Video App 4.4⭐ 5M+ Playstore link ✅Explore and share videos that are best served in small bites.

✅Allows users to create short videos of their own and share them with friends, or download videos from other creators.

India‘s favorite new video platform, popular among the younger crowd.

ShareChat – Made in India 4.2⭐ 100M+ Playstore link ✅Simplified interface with loads of options.

✅Share regional videos with people who speak in the same language.

✅Download and share free WhatsApp status videos in 15 Indian languages.

Moj 4.3⭐ 100M+ Playstore link ✅Super simple to use with a single-page

✅Access millions of creators, trending videos and trends without sifting through endless pages.

✅Share your laughs with friends who’ll love it as much as you do.

Zili Short Video App for India 4.0⭐ 100M+ Playstore link ✅Just open Zili! Here you’ll find tons of trending videos to watch.

✅Not just a short video app. It’s an inexhaustible source of fun!

✅One swipe will let you instantly share our movies to Facebook and WhatsApp!

Tiki – Short Video App 4.2⭐ 100M+ Playstore link ✅Tag your favorite videos to keep track of them

✅New and different way of staying updated and entertained in your fingertips.

✅Watch millions of popular videos and discover the endless possibilities of life

Chingari – Watch & Earn Crypto 4.0⭐ 50M+ Playstore link ✅One-stop solution for all your creative needs.

✅Easily make videos and share them on social med

✅Video-sharing platform that enables creators and followers to collaborate, create, watch and share videos together.

Rizzle – Short Video Maker 4.5⭐ 50M+ Playstore link ✅Rizzle has a series of video templates, so you can make the perfect short video with just one tap.

✅Rizzle’s music library is specially curated for its users, so you can have access to the latest and best tracks.

✅Provides over 50 special effects and filters to let you customize your videos as much as you want.Use the Adjust tools to edit pictures and develop your own unique photo style.

Josh Lite: Short Videos App 4.1⭐ 1M+ Playstore link ✅Share your own talents with the world.

✅Music Tracks, Reels, Jokes and Funny Videos.

✅Find funny videos from your favorite celebrities

Zoomerang – Short Videos 4.2⭐ 10M+ Playstore link ✅Publish your video to the world in seconds

✅Get the perfect video for your needs with a one-click, one-step solution.

✅Find your perfect video with no hassle.

Changa – Made in India | Short 4.0⭐ 5M+ Playstore link ✅Best video streaming apps for watching videos on mobile devices.

✅Capture memories with time lapse & slow motion videos.

✅Watch videos from the best video sharing platforms all in one place.

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