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App Title

An app title is the first and the best description of the app’s brand value. If you have to increase your app’s visibility, you should invest a lot for research and analysis before selecting one. However, adding generic keywords to the app’s title has benefits and risks. Read more about the dos and don’ts, including usage of brand names and generic keywords in your app’s title.

Usage of generic keywords in the App Title

App popularity

The more recognizable the brand name the less you need to use generic keywords. A good aso strategy to track the app’s performance is sufficient in this case.

Space in App Store Title

Find out if you have a suitable space in the app’s title to include generic keywords. Then you can create a list of keywords and choose the ones that perform well with the audience. Next, select the relevant keywords that can increase the app traffic, and the chances of download.

Link the keywords with marketing

It is essential to align the brand marketing and the brand’s message. So the most relevant keywords must be commonly agreed upon to help you target the audience better and drive more app traffic.

Benefits of adding a Brand name to the Google Play Title

  • Developers avoid fitting keywords in the title because it might create a negative impression in the user’s mind about the app’s quality.
  • Using only the brand name in the title of app reduces the risk of confusion. It enables a consistent and smooth funnel from the campaigns to the app stores.

Benefits of including generic keywords in the app title

  • Gives the user a clear understanding of the app’s unique selling proposition.
  • Plays a key role when the app’s short description and screenshots do not appear in the search results.
  • App stores can better understand your app’s functionalities and can positively impact the app store algorithms.
  • Generic keywords are directly linked with better visibility and conversion rates.

App Store Guidelines for the App Title

App Title in Google Play Store

google play allows app titles to have up to 30 characters. Creating a clear and impactful title and brand name for your app on Google Play is essential. According to metadata policies, 2021, Google Play does not allow keywords that indicate store performance, ranking, awards, or calls-to-action in titles of app. Hence, pick a catchy title while abided by the Google metadata policies.

App Title in Apple App Store

Apple allows a maximum of 30 characters in the app’s title. A combination of brand name and keywords can be used here too.

Apps that Favor Generic Keywords in the App Title

  • In Android, it is favorable to add generic keywords in the title for categories like social media, photography, or dating. The user can better understand the app’s functionality and choose the one that suits them.
  • For the sports and casual games category, the app icons and the names are self-explanatory. So there isn’t a need to fit a generic keyword in the app’s title.

For a perfect app title

  • Position the keyword rightly in the app name. The more the title matches the search keywords, the better the app visibility on the app store result page.
  • Write an effective subtitle with the relevant keywords.
  • Analyze the keyword relevance (describes the app’s functionality), keyword chance, and keyword popularity.
  • Choose a simple but attractive title with the proper visual effects.

An app title is a crucial textual element for driving app traffic. First, understand your app’s category and performance. It helps create a perfect title with the correct combination of keywords and brand names. Remember this title with the icon would represent your app before a potential subscriber on the App store result page. So, you must have one appealing title that helps you stand out from the crowd and attract the subscriber to at least enter the App page. However, an ASO strategy would help you track the app’s performance and update the app’s title regularly.

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