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How you reply to Google Play reviews impact how users consider your app. A potential user determines from the Google Play reviews and ratings whether they will install or bounce back to the App Store result page. Users typically prefer apps which address user’s pain points, empathetic to existing users, and make users feel valued. As your responses to reviews and feedbacks reflect these factors, majority of the users decide whether to install or bounce back google review reply, depending upon what existing user’s think about you and how you react to their positive and negative comments.

reply to google review

How to Reply to Google Play Reviews Effectively

  • Your app visitors go through the reviews and responses before downloading the app. Usually, potential users prefer apps with ratings of 4-star and above. So, better the ranking, the higher the possibility of attracting more users. 
  • You can let the world know about your latest update in the review response section, depicting you care about what your users suggest. 
  • In the communication thread urge the users with critical viewpoints to elaborately write to your customer engagement team. One way to transform critical feedbacks into positivity is to make users think what they think matters to you. 
  • Respond to user feedbacks with a consistent and recognizable brand voice. 
  • The Google Play app ranking and the success of your ASO strategy depend on your app’s rating. Therefore, if you can maintain a good rating, you will be able to increase your app’s traffic.

The Process of Reply to Google Review

  • Google Play will take at least a day to show your response.
  • The user will receive an email and push notification from Google Play after posting the response to the public.
  • The notification will have the following details:
  • App name.
  • User’s review date.
  • User’s rating & review of the app.
  • Your response to the particular review.
  • Your email id is mentioned on the app store listing page.
  • The review might change from negative to positive depending on the user’s satisfaction level.
  • Inform the respective users about the new app feature they were waiting for. This will make them feel valued and that you consider their feedback with respect.
  • Similarly, update the users who had reported errors/bugs after the issues have been fixed. Also, thank the user and acknowledge their review that has helped improve your app.
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  • Find ways to encourage your existing users to leave a rating or review without having to leave the app. You can do so with the in-app API.
  • It is advisable to promptly respond to your app reviews, whether positive or negative. It is a way of showing the users that you care about their opinions and reviews.
  • It is vital to stay informed of the app store’s review posting policies and accordingly draft your responses.
  • Personalize your responses according to the user’s device to provide a better user experience.
  • Carefully consider the tone and the language while drafting the response. If you reply to Google Play reviews in a local language, consider the tone and preference of the regional audience.


1. How to Reply to Google Review?

To reply to a Google review, sign in to your Google My Business account, find the review, click “Reply,” write your response, and click “Post.” Be professional and courteous in your response.

2. Can you reply to a Google review?

Yes, you can reply to a Google review. Simply sign in to your Google My Business account, find the review, and click “Reply” to write and post your response

3. How to reply to play store comments?

To reply to comments on Play Store, open the app, go to “My apps & games,” find the app, click “Reviews,” and then click “Reply” under the comment. Write your response and click “Post.”