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Paid app marketing is the most effective way to increase your app’s conversion rate. But if you have a smaller budget for user acquisition campaign, boosting your app installs through organic methods is the best. Focusing and improving your organic app installs will expand your user base and increase your app’s retention and conversion rate. Read on to learn the best tips for boosting your app’s organic installs.

Securing Organic App Installs through Sustaining App Ratings and Reviews

  • App visitors usually go through user reviews and responses before trusting your brand. They consider the ratings and reviews to understand what the app offers, and it’s quality. 
  • Therefore, it is wise to encourage your existing users to leave feedback or a rating. Send prompts to users after completing shopping or after scoring high. The timing of your prompt to review determines the type of feedback the user will give. The higher your app’s positive reviews, the higher the organic installs.
  • As important as it is to get users to review your app, so is responding to these reviews and feedback. When you thank the user and respond to an app review, you show the users that you care for their ideas or opinions, which will help you gain long-term loyal users and high app retention.
  • App ratings and reviews also complement your app store optimization strategy and the app’s ranking. You can request users for ratings and respond to these reviews to increase your app’s discoverability, increase downloads, and build a sincere relationship with your existing users.
  • Reviews and ratings are significant for your app’s growth; however, disturbing the user too often with reminder notifications can annoy the user. The plan might backfire, pushing the users to give negative app feedback.
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Get the media’s attention and popularity.

  • Media is the one popular place people go to know the latest trends and new products, to read blogs/news, and to listen to podcasts. Each of these channels is an influential platform for you to boost your app‘s traffic the organic way.
  • Write an appealing story about your app and its highlights, and circulate it through publications. You can check with well-known publications to promote your app as you gain more visibility. 
  • The circle gets bigger as more recommendations work out in your favor. So, it is better to update your website with an online newsroom, which users can access to stay updated about your app.

Executing App Store Optimization.

  • App store optimization is the magic wand to boost your app’s organic installs. App visitors prefer to search for new apps in the app store. Your ASO strategy ensures your app ranks well in the search results, thereby increasing your app’s organic traffic and visibility. 
  • Researching and implementing the most popular and relevant keywords in the app store listing page helps to optimize the search results. Make your app elements visually appealing and flawless that highlight the app’s brand message and its core features. 
  • Your app’s organic traffic increases multifold when you localize your app. Use relevant keywords and localize the app to suit the preferences of the regional audience. 


  • An app marketer is ready to spend on a paid ad campaign to improve the app’s discoverability. But why acquire a cost when you can reach the goal of expanding the app’s user base through organic installs?
  • Make news in the media, and let your app be the popular one among the target audience. Enhance the app’s brand awareness by sharing it on social media and through existing user networks. 
  • Focus on maintaining good reviews and ratings and ensure to respond to the app reviews promptly. A well-planned and optimized ASO strategy will work for boosting your app’s organic installs.
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