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App Name Rating Downloads App Url Highlight
Streamlabs: Live Streaming 4.1⭐ 10M+ Playstore link ✅Ultimate free streaming app for creators
✅Unlock an infinite number of destinations with just one app – Streamlabs supports Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Loola, Trovo, Nimo and more.
✅No need to juggle multiple live-streaming apps. Streamlabs links to your existing channels and platforms
tango-Live Stream & Video Chat 4.2⭐ 100M+ Playstore link ✅Capture and share your special moments with the world through live streaming.
✅Get in on the new wave of social communication – Live and only Live!
✅Make your live streams come alive with YouTube clips!
Omlet: Live Stream, Memes, NFT 4.4⭐ 50M+ Playstore link ✅Omlet Arcade is the ultimate platform to play with friends and strangers alike, no matter where they are.
✅Stream your gaming sessions live and join forces with streamers from all over the globe to up your gaming game.
✅Stream your gameplay with ease and reach a larger audience.
✅Enjoy a wide range of live-streaming platforms in one go and maximize your reach.
Turnip – Talk, chat and stream 4.5⭐ 10M+ Playstore link ✅Chat over voice chat with crystal clear quality so you’ll never miss a beat. Enjoy high-quality streaming experiences from anywhere in the world!.
✅Stream and record your gaming experience directly from your mobile device.
✅Enjoy full HD, high-resolution 1080p stream quality with added custom animated overlays to make your streams look more professional.
CameraFi Live 4.0⭐ 10M+ Playstore link ✅Broadcast live with unmatched quality and clarity with CameraFi Live.
✅Save your live streaming video to create highlight videos that can be shared anywhere.
✅Stream to over 30 different platforms in one go with the powerful Multi-stream feature.
StreamKar – Live Stream&Chat 4.0⭐ 50M+ Playstore link ✅Become a famous super star with StreamKar’s 24/7 live streaming platform.
✅Join the ever-growing community of over 2000 people who are already live streaming and make new friends from all over the world.
✅StreamKar is the ultimate app for making connections and sharing your special moments.
Amazon Prime Video 4.1⭐ 500M+ Playstore link ✅Unlock the largest selection of movies and TV shows, from award-winning Amazon Originals to the latest blockbusters, all available ad-free.
✅Enjoy exclusive content from different local languages like Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and more.
✅With Amazon Prime Video you’ll get a world class customer experience with an unbeatable value for money.
Airtel Xstream: Movies & Shows 3.3⭐ 100M+ Playstore link ✅Experience the best of entertainment with Airtel Xstream. Get access to over 300+ Live TV channels, movies and shows from top OTT platforms and web series.
✅Enjoy non-stop sports action from anywhere with streaming of live cricket, football and other sports.
✅Get your daily dose of news and stories across different genres, all in one place.
ZEE5 Movies, Web Series, Shows 4.5⭐ 100M+ Playstore link ✅Enjoy the cinematic journey, with English Subtitles and audio in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam & Kannada.
✅Enjoy seamless playback available in 11 display languages and 12 content languages, so you can find your preferred language easily.
✅Make use of the smart search including voice search and get personalized recommendations tailored to your viewing habits.
Plex: Stream Movies & TV 3.9⭐ 10M+ Playstore link ✅Get access to your favorite movies and TV shows, plus an additional 300+ live TV channels. All without the need for a subscription!✅Enjoy free streaming with Plex – watch your favorite shows, movies, and live TV all in one place.
✅Watch free movies from A24, Crackle, Paramount, AMC, Magnolia, Relativity Lionsgate and more! With full-length films from every genre available anytime – action, kids movies and dramas.
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