Keywords are the words that app store visitors use to find an app. They are the search queries that display the relevant list of apps as app store search results. Therefore, keywords are crucial for a successful ASO strategy

Furthermore, appropriately using relevant keywords in the app assets can positively influence your app ranking. When you secure a high rank by using the most popular keywords, people searching for an app, may be with specific features will easily  find yours .

Many metrics can influence your ASO strategy. One of the critical factors is your keywords and their search volume. 

Why is app Keyword search volume strategy important?

  • Keyword search volume shows how popular the keywords are among potential subscribers. .
  • Relevant keywords improve your app’s visibility and conversion rate.
  • You can optimize your app page effectively when you understand how popular certain keywords are in the app stores.
  • Keyword search volume directly impactss your app’s visibility and traffic.
  • Keyword search volume makes your app look more relevant to the app store visitor’s query and increases the app downloads.
  • A good keyword search volume score indicates an optimized search result in the app store.

Tips for choosing high-volume aso keywords.

  •  Make a list of potentially relevant keywords for your app. You can also consider synonymous phrases or words .
  • For the list of potential keywords, you need to check their search volumes. 
  • Choose the low competition keywords with high volume. Ensure that the chosen keywords are aligned with your ASO strategy.

High-volume vs Low-volume search keywords.

  • Some keywords are popular and perfect for certain apps, yet you must consider certain factors while choosing between high- and low-volume keywords.
  • The keyword volume strategy you choose will depend on your app’s popularity or reputation.
  • If your app is new with a small user base, it is better not to choose high-volume keywords. Optimizing your app page with high-volume keywords will be highly competitive, decreasing the chances of high ranking.
  • You can instead use long-tail keywords that are more specific and can increase app conversions. Long tail keywords are of low competition.
  • Go head-to-head with  high-volume keywords if your app is already quite popular and has an expansive user base. Then, it becomes easier to get a good rank and increase app traffic.
  • Whatever strategy you choose, every keyword should be relevant to your app for successful app store optimization.
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The keywords you choose for your app store page are crucial. The right keywords search volume strategy will help you choose the best set of keywords. These keywords in your app store listing can turn your app store optimization strategy effective.

However, before zeroing on the keywords strategy:

  • Consider your app’s popularity.
  • The relevance of your keywords to best describe to your app.
  • The keyword’s power to generate more app traffic.

In addition, the search volume criteria of Google Play and Apple app store differ. So, understand the process and requirements of both app stores before choosing the keyword search volume strategy for a successful ASO strategy.

Similar to an ASO strategy, you must keep monitoring, testing and changing the keywords. You can secure a high search result ranking by choosing the ideal combination of high and low-volume keywords.