App Store Optimization can be a game-changer for your app store. By implementing ASO techniques, you can increase the visibility of the app along with conversions. So, without further ado, let’s get into the significance of ASO and how much it costs.  

Importance of App Store Optimization 

App Store Optimization or ASO is a set of techniques that you can use to optimize your mobile ranks so that it ranks higher in the app store. ASO makes use of relevant keywords, short and long descriptions, eye-catching icons, screenshots, and videos, among other elements to attract the attention of potential customers. Imagine this to be like app store SEO that significantly helps your app in discoverability, leading to more downloads and installs. 

The advantages of ASO app store optimization are numerous. In order to use it to your full potential, learn and understand every aspect. This can help you to make your app stand in the crowd. An ideal option is to choose an experienced ASO agency like NextGrowth Labs which can help you achieve the desired results. Simply convey your requirements and watch the magic happen!

Benefits of Investing in App Store Optimization

Here are some of the essential benefits of investing in ASO:

  • Improves Ranking and Visibility in App Stores

When you implement relevant ASO strategies, your app will rank higher in the app stores. This will make your app more appealing to the customers and lead to more downloads and installs. This is why high-ranking apps achieve more downloads since users stay only on the first few pages of the app search result pages and don’t scroll down till the end. 

  • Reduces Customer Acquisition Costs

Increasing conversion rates improves the potential to increase your ROI by diminishing user or customer acquisition costs (CAC). One of the best cost-effective approaches to lowering CAC involves integrating both organic and paid advertisements.

There are various ways in which you can use ASO for your app advantage. You can curate captivating app icons, share engaging videos and screenshots, as well as launch robust social media campaigns. All these ASO strategies serve as an investment in a long-term approach, contributing to maintaining a high-ranking position in the app store. 

  • Attracts High-Intent Users
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Companies conduct audience profiling to identify their most relevant users through ASO. This helps them to focus on high-quality leads and potential new users. Through this strategic approach, you can gain leads who are more likely to engage and stay with your app in the long term. 

  • Boosts App Revenue and Conversion Rates

Supercharge your conversion rates by implementing ASO strategies. By strategically analyzing and optimizing key elements like keywords, metatags, and localizations, companies can experience an increase in conversion rates. 

Moreover, collaborating with a knowledgeable partner further maximizes the potential to enhance long-term revenue. Remember that ASO is not just any tool; it is a dynamic strategy that propels your business towards increased visibility, greater number of downloads, and sustained success in the competitive app marketplace. So, harness the power of ASO today to unlock unparalleled advantages for your app. 

How Much Does App Store Optimization Cost? 

The cost of App Store Optimization depends on a variety of factors. You can expect ASO to start at around $250 and the more you increase your budget, you will get more in-depth ASO strategies. You can choose different budget plans as per your app requirement so that it can rank higher in the app store. 

A proper ASO company like NextGrowth Lab offers you a variety of ASO strategies along with tailored tools like App Store Ranking Tracker, Keywords Tool, ASO and SEO Writing Assistant, and more for your benefit. We also help with marketing optimization strategies, simple competitor analysis, as well as monitoring raking in the app store, among others.

Leverage Our App Organic Visibility Solution

An integral aspect of ASO is to improve the organic visibility of your app. You can use our marketing solution to determine the factors and get recommendations to improve your app’s discoverability. 

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This tool is not only easy to use but also provides you with insightful recommendations. Simply type your iOS or Android app name and select the country of your choice. Our tool immediately analyzes the app and provides you recommendations on how you can:

  • Improve Installs
  • Improve Ratings
  • Improve Conversions

Based on your app, our tool highlights the key points that you can focus on to improve these factors that directly impact your app revenue. 

Use Our Pricing Guide Calculator

Make use of our pricing guide calculator to understand what it would cost you on a monthly basis. We believe in complete transparency, and that is why this tool provides you with accurate estimates. The pricing may vary depending on your specific needs and requirements, however, you can get similar insights. 

To use this tool, search your iOS or Android app and select the country. Our tool analyzes your app and showcases the points that we can improve to positively influence your app conversions. Along with the improvement suggestions, this tool showcases the recommended budget per month. You can also choose to get your app audited by submitting your app to us. 

NextGrowth Labs’ ASO Pricing Strategies 

We offer you three App Store Optimization models for your apps. Our pricing strategies depend on the key offerings and your app requirements. 

  • Keyword Based

Our first ASO model is keyword-based. You can choose this model if you want to increase your keyword ranking or rank on a certain position for a particular keyword in the app store search results. For instance, if you want to rank at the top position for a certain keyword, we help you achieve it. 

As per this model, we charge you for the keywords you would like to target. You can decide the keywords or let us help you find the most relevant keywords for your app. We can also provide you with keyword volume estimates. So, the price of this model varies according to the volume or competition of the keyword. 

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The biggest advantage of this model is that you pay according to the achievements we bring for your app with respect to the keyword ranking. Apart from app search optimization, we can also rank your app in a similar section to your competitors. Although our keyword-based model is a 6 months plan, you can renew it if you want to further continue our services.

  • Install Based

Our next model is install-based. If you want to increase the number of downloads and installs for your app, this is the plan you should choose. We provide you with a plan of action detailing the number of months it would require us to achieve the goal along with the pricing. 

With our ASO efforts, you can usually see visible results in 12 months. We implement diverse innovative strategies to achieve your goals. This ASO costing app plan is of 6 months where you can increase the service as per your requirements. 

  • Revenue Sharing 

Our last model is revenue sharing. You can choose this model if you want to increase your app’s revenue. By choosing this model, you can see significant growth of your app along with revenue increase. 

We carefully understand your requirements and develop a tailored plan to suit your specific needs. We consider the quality of your app, your current user base along its performance. Based on all these factors, we implement our innovative approach. 

We take it one step further by using diverse marketing tactics like paid campaigns and user acquisition campaigns. As per this model, you only need to pay a certain percentage that reflects on the growth of your app.


Thus, opt for App Store Optimization to elevate your app visibility, conversions, and revenue. Use our tools to get an idea about what you can improve about your app along with the recommended budget. Based on your requirements, choose our performance-based ASO models which can help you achieve the results you want for your app.