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Customer Lifetime Value Calculator (CLTV)

The customer’s lifetime value is the estimated net profit attributable to a client’s future relationship. CLTV also defines the maximum threshold for Client Acquisition.

Customer Life Time Value is the predicted net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with a customer. CLTV also defines the upper limit for Customer acquisition. Client lifetime value calculation, sometimes known as lifetime value (LTV), is the profit margin an organization anticipates making throughout a typical customer relationship. Customer acquisition costs (CAC), ongoing sales and marketing expenditures, operating costs, and the cost necessary to produce the goods and services the business offers must all be considered when calculating customer lifetime value.


Why do we calculate customer lifetime value?

  1. As it enables you to optimize the value of each client connection, customer lifetime value is crucial. This indicates that you’re giving them a better experience that keeps them returning for more, which can also help raise the caliber of your goods and services.

Why do we calculate customer lifetime value?

  1. Customer value is calculated as the product of average customer longevity and customer value. The outcome provides you with the amount of money an average customer will likely bring in for your business throughout their dealings with you.
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