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What is App Linking in Android?

App linking in Android is a great tool that developers and companies use as a method of redirecting users to a desired HTTP page. Here, we delve into everything about such links and how using such an app link in description can be helpful in enhancing your user experience.

What is Applink?: Definition of Applinks

An app link for Android definition is an HTTP URL that sends users to a specific location within the app or even outside the app. A simple click lands the user in the place they wish to visit, streaming the process and eliminating any other distractions that can delay the user from visiting the page.

Difference between Any App Link and a Deep Link

Deep links are also HTTP URLs that are created and placed with the purpose of redirecting the user to a desired page or location. These links take users to the page you intend to without any interstitial ads, prompts, or logins. As a result, confusion between the two is apparent, as the basic purpose and nature of app links Android and deep links seem the same. However, there are minute differences that can help you decide what links you should use for your app.

Deep links are designed to redirect your users to your app if they have it installed or to the Play Store if you wish to prompt them to download the app. This ensures that in the event they don’t have your app installed, they don’t have to search for it on the Play Store themselves. This also removes the need for you to share app link from Play Store, as they are being redirected to that very page.

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However, in the case of app links, apps can be given the authority to override the default settings and open certain HTTP and HTTPS links. With a simple click, the user’s phone will automatically open the associated app, as long as it is installed on the device. This eliminates the need for the user to choose between opening the link from their browser or the app. However, if the user wishes to, they can change the default handler settings with ease, implying that these links don’t make any permanent changes to the device.

Importance of Using App Links

These links can be incredibly beneficial, not just for the developers or the brand but for the users as well. When it comes to the brand, some benefits of using these links include:

  • Drive Traffic: The biggest benefit of using such links is that they can effectively drive traffic to your website or app. Furthermore, you can be assured that all the traffic is from users genuinely interested in your offerings, making it an exceptional promotional tool for your content across multiple verticals.
  • Cross-platform Integration: App links also reduce any kind of friction in accessing your content by allowing users to open the associated app directly from the link. This easy integration of the web and apps makes it a convenient way of further driving traffic to your website or app effectively.
  • Analytics and Insight: Such links can also give you insight into the kind of content the users are interacting the most with, giving you accurate analytics and insights. You can use this data to track user behavior and preferences, which can help you tailor the content to what the users need or want.
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Just like this, there are many benefits of app links for users as well, some of which are:

  • Enhanced User Experience: By allowing the device to open links in app, Android users can get a much more streamlined experience when interacting with your multiple platforms effortlessly.
  • Increased User Engagement: App links can also encourage users to interact and engage with the app more. This can further enhance their experience as they can explore much more than they first were familiar with, which can potentially help increase retention.
  • Improved Accessibility: Direct access to your varied content owing to precise app links can also help save time for the users, further making the app more accessible to them.


Android app linking can play a crucial role in creating a seamless and integrated experience for users while allowing you to make the process more streamlined as well. So, Utilizing these flexible links is essential for developing apps that are both dynamic and user-friendly, ensuring increased user engagement.