App preview videos are brief videos that display the features, how the app works, and what it looks like on the page where you download the app. Optimize your app preview video that auto-plays in the search results giving the user a perfect chance to notice and learn about your App. 

Some examples of eye-catchy and impressive app previews are Sky Guide, Jurassic World: Game, Monument Valley, Flipagram, etc. 

Why are App preview videos important?

  • They are the most visible and creative visual assets on the App’s product page.
  • They are attention-grabbing marketing techniques to show the App’s highlights to prospective app users.
  • App previews help improve user engagement, increasing the App’s conversion and download rates.
  • The visual impact of a preview video encourages and convinces the user to download the App. 
  • Effectively showcases the App’s best selling points and helps you to stay ahead of the competition.
  • The App preview video acts as a demo, giving the user a realistic experience of using the App.
  • They have the most substantial potential to describe the App, helping the user to make an informed decision.
  • A user who downloads the App influenced by the preview video becomes your most engaged user and is not likely to uninstall the App.
  • The app preview video is the best opportunity to optimize the pre-order campaign and reach out to more people.

Steps to create App preview video

  1. Create screen recordings of your App that include the most visited and popular app spots. You might have to create different versions for different Apple devices. Apple provides the QuickTime Player to record your App for various iOS and macOS apps.
  2. Once you record the video, it is essential to edit it by shortening it to the required length. You can use tools like iMovie, Final Cut Pro x, or QuickTime to edit your video. 
  3. Create perfect poster frames because poster frames act as a thumbnail before the App preview video begins to auto-play. When the auto-play is turned off, or there is a delay in the preview video playing, the poster frame must effectively hold the user’s attention.
  4. Upload the App Preview videos according to the specifications of different Apple devices. This will help you efficiently use the preview video space for advertising your App. 
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Designing a perfect App Preview Video

It is vital to follow Apple’s guidelines while creating preview videos. This helps you stay on the right side of the app store and create impressive video previews to expand your user base. 

Below are some key tips for designing a perfect preview video:

  • Understand the audience and choose an appropriate video that features the App’s key screens and spots.
  • Use only in-app recordings. Apple disapproves of preview videos that show a person using your app or development scenes from the back end.
  • Do not use protected or copyrighted video content, clip, or characters in your preview video.
  • Make the App Preview video wholesome by addressing users of all ages without showing any objectionable or adult content.
  • Be honest and accurate while showcasing the App’s features that do not mislead the user.
  • Mention in-app purchases or subscriptions in the preview video. Your Product disclosure can be done in the App Preview video.
  • Avoid technical or complex words when adding copy to the App Preview Video. 
  • Show only relevant information in a copy that is not related to any specific time or date.
  • If using audio, use the ones from your App so that the user can easily relate to your App.


Checking your successful competitors or consulting an App video-producing company will help you create a striking preview video that features the App’s core features, giving the user a complete walkthrough of the App in the shortest time. Along with a best ASO strategy, an impressive App Preview Video is also essential for your App’s growth and success. Testing the preview video regularly for its content, presence, and sequence can help you measure the App’s progress.

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An App preview video can help you reach more people across regions and also create localized videos. This means you can target your audience more accurately and optimize your App effectively.