Responding to App Store User reviews indicate how your app is performing by letting you understand the customer’s sentiment and preferences.  Effectively replying to app reviews help gain online reputation, user acquisition, and retention. 

Some app developers systematically keep on replying to negative reviews and convert one-stars into five-stars. 

Why must you reply Reply to App Store Reviews?

  • User loyalty is vital for the app’s brand name. Therefore, acknowledge a user who has left a comment to encourage long-term bonding.
  • An app visitor can be impressed by how you respond to positive and negative reviews. A potential user will understand the customer empathy, and how you understand current users from these responses. When showcased, these will attract more customers. 
  • It can increase the lifetime value by gaining the user’s trust. Apps that care for user’svoice and preferences are considered more trustworthy.
  • You will be able to understand product insights and address critical issues by tracking and responding to user reviews.

Responding to App Store Reviews Tips

  • When a positive review arrives, thank the user and personalize the response.  Show them you care about their opinions. Also, encourage them to make a suggestion and provide an enriched user experience.
  • When replying to a positive review with product insight explain the next course of action and make it clear that you value their suggestion. 
  • For a delighted user review, write a grateful thank you message referring to a key point from the study. Share the user’s excitement and passion for the feature/event that made them give a positive review. Later on, how them you value their feedback and experience and look forward to a long-standing relationship. 
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Responding to user reviews shows that you provide a convenient user experience. Remember, review sites are like a shop window, so you must maintain the best picture to show how you treat the current users. 

Studies confirm a major percentage of users read your responses to both positive and negative reviews while considering downloading the app. 

Replying to a user’s app feedback is an economic way to boost app downloads. The App review management that promptly responds to all reviews enables you to maintain an ideal online brand image.