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Keyword Tracking Tool

Track Any Country

Track any country – both Android & iOS


Both Android & iOS (Limits shared)


Lifetime Free limit of 200/day. (max 5 users per organization).

Slack Tool


Sync & Reply

Directly via slack channels.


All replies from individual slack users can be monitored via your Next Tools Dashboard.

Multiple Apps, Any Country

Simple, one time setup per developer account.

Other Tools


Content Assist

Write ASO and SEO optimised content.

Keyword Density Monitor

Check density of keywords in your competitor’s description, and use them in yours. 

Chrome Add-On

Chrome Add-on For SEO & ASO. Get competitor’s keyword insights, vitals etc.

Keyword Shuffle Tool

Merge and combine keywords to find new long-tail keywords

Title and Meta Description Checker

This tool allows you to check the title, meta description and see if it’s suitable for SEO

Page Speed Assessment

Get a webpage speed assessment with Next Growth Labs. Improve your site’s loading time and user experience.

Rating Projection Calculator

Use the Rating Projection Calculator to calculate future app ratings based on current data.

HTML Editor

HTML editor for easy website creation. Key features include code editing and customization. Next Growth Labs.

Word to html converter

Word to HTML editor for quick conversion. Next Growth Labs simplifies converting Word docs to HTML

EMI Calculator

Calculate your loan EMI easily with our efficient EMI calculator.

iOS Keyword Search

iOS Keyword Rank tool enables you to track the ranking of your app for specific keywords.

Font Changer

Create stylish and unique text for your projects. Instantly convert text to Unicode.

Search & App Rank Tracker

Multi-tool for tracking top 10 results on Google, Bing, Apple, and Play Store rankings.

Keyword Suggestion Tool

A Keyword Suggestion tool assists in finding relevant search terms to improve SEO and content optimization strategies effectively.

Bulk iOS Keyword Rank Tracker

Monitor and optimize app keywords for iOS App Store.

Free Bulk Website Rank Checker & Tracker

This tool provides insights and metrics related to a website’s Google search engine ranking.

JSON to HTML Editor

JSON to HTML Table Two-way Editor is a versatile tool that enables easy conversion between JSON data and HTML tables.

Wordpress Post Title Changer Tool

This tool helps developers and companies test and modify WordPress post titles efficiently using a spreadsheet for better options.

Keyword Generator Tool

Enter a topic and get your filtered list of the best keywords for you.

Tools Summary

ToolDescriptionUse caseLimits
ASO & SEO Search Ranking & Keyword Tool📈 Streamline keyword rank tracking for websites and PlayStore apps, with bonus features including app rating retrieval from search results. 📊Keyword ResearchNo Limits
IOS Keyword Search🔍 Optimize app visibility on the App Store by tracking app rankings for specific keywords. 🔎Keyword ResearchTop 30 Apps
Keyword Density Tool📊 Analyze and optimize your content or app metadata by calculating keyword density. 🧮Keyword ResearchNo Limits
Keyword Shuffle Tool🔀 Merge and combine keywords to find new long-tail keywords. 🔄Keyword ResearchNo Limits
Keyword Tracking Tool🎯 Track keywords effortlessly and boost your visibility. 🚀App Store Optimization200 Keywords
5 Users
NGL HTML Editor🛠️ Comprehensive solution for creating, editing and generating HTML code. 🖥️On Page SEONo Limits
Page Speed Assessment Tool⏱️ Efficient way to check the page speed insights for multiple websites. ⚡️On Page SEONo Limits
Rating Projection Calculator⭐ Reveals when your app will reach a 5-star rating. 🌟App Store OptimizationNo Limits
SEO and ASO Keyword Content Writing Assistant🆓 Free content tool designed to help bloggers and SEO Content Editors. 📝Content WritingNo Limits
Slack Tool💬 Manage all your replies in one place. 📩Office ProductivityNo Limits
Word to HTML converter📑 Convert your Word Document into HTML code within a few seconds. 📄On Page SEONo Limits

In today’s highly competitive app market, standing out from the crowd and attracting users to your app is crucial. That’s why NextGrowth Labs is thrilled to introduce our free app store optimization tool, designed to give your app the edge it needs to succeed. With a range of powerful features, including an ASO free keyword research tool and free ASO tools for Android, our tool empowers app developers and marketers to optimize their app’s visibility and maximize downloads. Let’s explore the incredible functionalities that make our ASO tools a game-changer.

Track and Include Important Keywords: One of the key factors in app store optimization is strategic keyword usage. With our free app store optimization tool, you can effortlessly track and include important keywords in your app’s description. By leveraging our ASO keywords tool free of charge, you can optimize your keywords effectively, increase your app’s visibility in relevant search results, and attract more potential users.

Keyword Density Checker: Achieving the right balance between keyword optimization and readability is essential. Our tool allows you to check the keyword density in your app’s store listing description and short description, ensuring that your content is optimized without compromising its quality. It’s an invaluable feature provided by our ASO monitoring tools.

Chrome Add-On: Our free app store optimization tool comes with a convenient Chrome extension that acts as an ASO chrome extension. This add-on checks for specific keywords, provides the review URL, and even displays the number of screenshots. With this feature, you can easily monitor and optimize your app’s performance, all within the convenience of your browser. It’s like having a dedicated Google Play ASO tool right at your fingertips.

Keyword Shuffle Tool: Building long-tail keywords can significantly enhance your app’s visibility to a targeted audience. Our keyword shuffle tool, available as part of our free ASO top tools, enables you to generate long-tail keywords effortlessly. By using this tool, you increase your chances of attracting users who are actively searching for apps like yours, boosting your app’s organic reach.

Rating Projection Calculator: Have you ever wondered what is the best ASO tool for estimating the number of daily ratings needed to reach your desired target rating? Look no further. Our rating projection calculator, a valuable component of our ASO analysis tool, takes the guesswork out of the equation. Simply input your target rating, and the tool will provide you with an estimate of the number of daily ratings required to achieve it.

iOS Keyword Search: As an app developer, monitoring your app’s keyword rankings on the iOS platform is essential. Our free app store optimization tool offers an iOS ASO tool feature specifically designed for iOS keyword search. With this feature, you can easily track your app’s performance for specific keywords, ensuring that your app remains visible and competitive in the Apple App Store. It’s an indispensable resource for iOS app developers.

Why Choose NextGrowth Labs’ Free ASO Tools?

Our free app store optimization tool from NextGrowth Labs offers several advantages that set it apart:

Comprehensive Functionality: From keyword tracking and density checking to rating projections and iOS keyword search, our tool covers all aspects of app store optimization. It’s an all-in-one ASO tool that provides you with a holistic approach to optimizing your app’s performance.

Seamless Compatibility: Whether you’re targeting the Android or iOS platform, our free app store optimization tools cater to your needs. You can optimize your app’s performance across both major mobile ecosystems, expanding your app’s reach and visibility.

User-Friendly Experience: We understand that not everyone is an ASO expert. That’s why our tool features a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to users of all skill levels. You don’t need to be a tech guru to utilize the power of our ASO tool effectively.

Cost-Free Access: Gain access to top-notch ASO tools without spending a dime. Our free ASO tool delivers exceptional quality and functionality, helping you achieve success without breaking your budget. It’s an incredible value proposition that ensures you can optimize your app’s performance without any financial barriers.

Experience the NextGrowth Labs Difference Today

Elevate your app’s success with NextGrowth Labs’ free app store optimization tools. Whether you’re a seasoned app developer or just starting your app journey, our tool provides the necessary resources to improve your app’s visibility, attract more users, and maximize downloads. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to optimize your app’s performance and reach its full potential. Get started with our free ASO tool today and unlock the key to app success. With our ASO Tools, you’ll have the competitive edge you need to excel in the dynamic app market. For styling, try our ASO HTML tool. 


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