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How to Generate Questions from Text

We built our own tool to generate questions from a piece of text. Questions tend to rank on Google. There are two upsides of this approach:
1. Increases the length of the content.
2. Adds questions – which can be used in Schema etc.

We experimented it on our Google auto suggestion page. Below were the results from it:



We admit that not all the suggestions are relevant, so we have to run these through a review. We feel that this is much better than asking your writers to generate the questions. Now, in order to get answers, we built another sub-tool – which takes the piece of content (i.e. context) and these questions, and gets the answers based on it.

You can use combination of volume, autosuggestions to decide the questions. We are currently testing it – and will publish the results soon.



Here are the use cases for it:

  1. Can be used in review schema.
  2. Increase length of content and questions that show up on SERP.
  3. You can A/B test with the placements of the questions – because it may increase the time spent on the page.


To get access, please contact us.


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