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The goal of this article is to tell you, a perspective candidate, about what we look for – and improve your chances of getting hired.

What we look for in people

  1. Higher attention span: It’s the top metric for most of the roles that we hire. How do we quantify attention span? It depends from job role to job role. For example, in case of content writing, we might give you a difficult topic to read and summarise the same, whereas if you apply for an SEO specialist, we’d ask you do a very thorough audit that you can’t do with just the tools. An evaluator is always looking for this signal. We’ve consistently seen top candidates writing excellent summaries and terrific SEO audits.
  2. Following the evaluation instructions – end to end. It takes countless hours to prepare evaluations, and every evaluation goes through multiple internal stakeholders. For instance, we sometimes see cases where edit access to the Google document is requested, but we get view or no access. That’s a problem.
  3. Do not use automation – unless asked for – We have sophisticated systems that can easily identify if a submission doesn’t meet our writing guideline. Every single guideline should be followed.
  4. Bonus questions can be game changer –  This is especially true when there are multiple top notch submissions.
  5. We appreciate research – We’ve seen a good correlation between exceptional candidates and the depth of research that they do. So, if we ask you who our competitors are, we expect you to go through out website, understand our business, and then tell us. Same goes for any other company/brand – if we mention them in the evaluation.
  6. We look for generalists – We write for a lot of topics, and expect an ideal candidate to read, understand, research wide range of topics. In content writing and SEO – understanding the given topic or business is crucial.However, we too make mistakes, and if you spot any issue, then please feel free to write to us, at contact (at) nextaso (dot) com. (No bonus marks for this one though 😃)

All the best!