The reach of Artificial Intelligence has become larger and more extensive than ever before. And one of the most recent innovations that has brought to attention the incredible potential presented by AI is GPT. Operating through a combination of intelligent artificial intelligence and machine learning developments, GPT has become a tool with a huge range of applications in almost any field imaginable.

As time goes on, GPT also evolves, leading to the launch of the latest and most improved GPT-4 in March 2023. But, how much does each new version of the technology vary from its predecessor, GPT-3.5? Well, let’s find out!

What is GPT?

GPT refers to Generative Pre-trained Transformers, which are a family of “neural network models” that put transformer architecture to use to power AI technology of the next generation. Becoming the key foundation of applications, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, these transformer-based models give non-human entities the ability to provide responses that are very much human-like.

This is based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) that analyzes the responses given by humans to teach the AI component how people communicate and replicate it to deliver impressive conversational results. Accordingly, the incredible potential of GPT has led to various industries and sectors alike putting it to use in their own way, making the most out of this latest AI innovation.

What are GPT 4 and GPT 3.5?

Much like any other technological update, GPT also undergoes regular changes and updates to make sure that it stays up to date. This is not only regarding the information but also regarding what people expect out of it. And, two of the latest versions of this are Chat GPT 3.5 and Chat GPT 4. Both launched in March 2023, the two are pretty similar in what they can and cannot do. But, while there are obvious similarities, there are also obvious ways in which they are different from each other.

Elements that Set GPT 4 Apart from GPT 3

While both GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 are recent advancements of the same technology, there are many ways in which the latest version of the technology is clearly the winner of the race. So, here are some benefits that truly set GPT 4 apart from its predecessor.

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More Human-like Language

One of the most obvious and drastic improvements in ChatGPT 4 is just how much more the language generated feels human-like. While GPT 3.5 was also a vast improvement from its predecessors, such as GPT3, which undeniably gave pretty mechanical responses, GPT 4 goes beyond all that and can communicate with you like a real human. Furthermore, this improvement not only extends to standard communication but also reaches dialects and slangs, which has always been a challenge for computers since dialects differ from standard language. The latest version allows the AI to respond to queries in an equally emotional manner.

Synthesizing Information

One major challenge of GPT 3.5 was its slight inability to compile information from multiple sources and synthesize it to provide cohesive answers. But, GPT 4 seems to have overcome that perfectly, becoming capable of linking multiple topics and developing a co-relationship between them. And it does this by not just developing the co-relations on its own but also scouring the internet to provide you with authentic sources that validate the same claims. This way, it makes the information much more credible than before, making you trust the information through GPT.

More Current in Information Database

The information that GPT 3.5 has access to is limited to only June 2021, which reduces the recency of the information output it delivers. But, GPT 4 has access to a more recent information database till September 2021. While this may not seem like much of a difference, it needs to be considered that even a slight extension in this database implies the need for an incredibly vast amount of data to be added to the repository. Thus, the 3-month extension makes us hopeful of the gradual increase in the information pool that we can access when accessing GPT.

Advanced Programming

Programming and coding are undeniably pretty complex and having a computing system at hand to help with the same can seem like a Godsend. While Gpt 3.5 was perfectly capable of writing code, the issue came when actually trying to run the code. With less-than-impressive skills in iterating the code, more time was spent in fixing the bugs resulting from the code that GPT 3.5 wrote. But, ChatGPT-4 introduced an incredible improvement in its programming abilities as well. Not only can the model write code, it does so after getting a thorough understanding of the type of code you want. Furthermore, the advanced technology also makes it capable of solving mathematical problems, such as solving calculus problems and other complex equations with ease.

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Understanding that Goes Beyond Text

With AI-generated images also making vast improvements, GPT has also taken a step in the right direction by making the GPT 4 capable of identifying images just like text. On providing any image, the latest GPT can understand everything there is to about it, describing all that is in it, the context of the image, and even any suggestions based on the image that may help you. This is where the difference lies between GPT 3.5 and GPT 4, since the former is solely a text tool and cannot process and understand images, vastly reducing its potential.

More Human-like Creativity

If you are looking to write a new bedtime story for your child and cannot get the creative juices flowing, then seek out GPT 4 because it is certainly capable of the same. Much like how the latest version can understand and respond to emotions, it is also capable of translating those emotions into text based on any prompt you give. While creativity is an aspect that GPT 3.5 has indeed developed way more than its previous versions, the creative output and coherence of GPT 4 in understanding the prompts and delivering the output accordingly is clearly superior.

More Ethically Aware and Responsible

Considering that GPT is based on NLP that is based on actual interactions with users, there is always a chance for profanities and inappropriate language to find its way through to the final output to your prompt. But GPT 4 is built on mechanisms that work hard to reduce such undesirable outcomes as much as it can. This is relevant to all kinds of output that can be considered offensive or biased, such as offensive language, harmful content, or politically-inclined and biased content. This makes your experience with GPT much cleaner and much more satisfactory.

Increased Memory for an Improved Experience

Another considerable improvement in GPT 4 over GPT 3.5 is its memory. The latest version of GPT is capable of holding onto and processing a much longer memory than any of its predecessors. This means that it can remember your first prompt and even any specific keyword you may have mentioned with clarity and act upon it. It can apply this knowledge to future conversations and give you a seamless and cohesive experience, which is a vast improvement from the GPT 3.5 version as well.

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Speed of Output

This is one area where GPT 4 quite literally lags behind GPT 3.5. If you are used to the fast speed of result output delivered by GPT 3.5, the GPT 4 is bound to frustrate you with its considerably slower speed. This can be attributed to the incredibly larger amount of data it is trained on as compared to GPT 3.5, including the additional 3 months of data pool it can now access, the ability to process images, and even complex programming and mathematical concepts. So, while this delivers more accurate and reliable results, it also takes slightly longer to do the same.

So, Which One is Better?

GPT-4 is undoubtedly the neighbor’s son that your parents compare you to, better in almost every single aspect. From enhanced language processing and image processing to the improved speed and memory aspect, GPT 4 is indeed worth all the hype and is definitely the better choice. However, the better option depends on your requirements and usage. You need to consider that currently, GPT 3.5 is available to everyone for free, while the incredible features of GPT 4 are only privy to those who pay a premium price, albeit with the sole disadvantage of a speed slower than its predecessor.

So, if you are willing and capable of purchasing the subscription in exchange for a slower but much more accurate experience, then you can definitely use GPT 4 and you will definitely get a bang worth your buck. But if your GPT-related needs are limited or not very advanced, then GPT 3.5 is the next best thing you can go for, since it is still an impressive improvement from all other versions of GPT launched prior to it.