App store videos are the perfect way to increase your conversion rates, only when it is done correctly. With thousands of apps present in the app stores, a well-defined video describing your app can help it stand apart. Videos are not only engaging but they highlight the unique features and benefits of your mobile app. 

So, let’s understand the crucial importance of videos in app store optimization and the guidelines for creating top-notch videos. 

What is App Store Optimization?

Before we proceed to understand all about videos in app stores, let’s know the app optimization meaning first. 

In simple terms, App Store Optimization, or ASO is the process of improving your app’s visibility and user appeal in all app stores. It helps in increasing app conversions to get more organic downloads. Therefore, you can improve your audience reach, cut user acquisition costs, and increase app revenue.

Importance of Videos in ASO 

Videos play a crucial role in app store optimization strategy as they make your app distinctive. In Apple’s App Store, most users are exposed to autoplaying videos. However, if they have turned off their autoplaying option or they quickly scroll down the page, the video won’t play. In the Google Play Store, the videos only play if you tap on the Play button. 

Promotional app videos increase the discoverability rate along with user engagement. However, these videos only work if they are done correctly and are of high quality. Poorly done videos can negatively impact your app. 

Difference Between App Previews and Promo Videos

In order to understand how to create quality videos, you first need to understand the difference in how the videos work between iOS and Android platforms. These are the two popular app stores where you can launch your app to reach a global audience. 

App Previews

App previews are for iOS devices. These are short yet captivating videos that automatically play without sound in the App Store search results and listing pages. Apple allows up to three videos per listing. App Previews have a 15-30 second time frame and should present engaging visuals of in-app actions and a clear call to action. 

You cannot upload videos solely based on animation that do not feature the app. Moreover, you cannot feature platform logos, ads, pricing, or specific Apple devices. You also need to upload “device-specific” videos in different resolutions to accommodate different Apple products. 

  • App Previews on the Product Page

In App Store product videos, videos are placed in the first slot in the screenshot gallery. If you upload more than one video, they will fill the rest slots and will start playing automatically. 

  • App Previews in the Search Results Page

In the App Store search results page, the videos appear in the first slots of the screenshot gallery and play automatically. These videos allow users to understand the unique features of an app, thereby, grabbing their attention.

  • A Closer Look Video
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Apple App Store’s “A Closer Look” video feature enables you to upload a video in a different orientation than the screen gallery. Here, the video is pushed below the first-impression fold and is only visible when users scroll down. You can take advantage of the “A Closer Look” video and tailor exclusive messages to elevate your re-install conversion rates.

Impact of Localization

As per the Apple App Store, you can use videos in the app store and localize them to every language allowed. By doing this, you are increasing your audience reach and visibility. Not choosing to localize can hurt your app growth as you may not be able to reach all your potential customers. 

App Promo Videos 

App promo videos are designed for Android users. Here, you have to press the play button for the video to play. These videos consist of detailed demonstrations of the app’s benefits and features. 

You can upload videos up to 2 minutes in length by using YouTube. Remember that Google Play Store permits only one promo video but you can include a feature graphic thumbnail to entice users to click play. You can showcase the Play Store logo in the video and have the complete freedom to be as creative as possible but you need to abide by the App Store’s preferences. 

Unlike Apple’sApp Store, there is no specific device orientation and configuration. As YouTube videos are best displayed in the landscape format, the app promo videos are present in this format. Moreover, since only one video is allowed, you need to highlight the features and functionalities of the app to improve the app conversion rates

  • Google Play App Promo Videos on the Product Page

The Google Play app promo videos feature stop-motion, motion graphics, as well as life-action clips. You get the opportunity to create the context to demonstrate how your app functions along with its key features. 

For years, when you pressed the play button of any app promo video on the product page, you would be redirected to YouTube. However, since the end of 2019, Google Play has enabled the option to play the video on the product page itself. The video plays in a smaller frame without taking the users out of the page. 

  • Google Play App Promo Videos in the Search Result Page

When users search for specific brand names on the Google Play search tab, they can see a branded search result and videos will automatically start playing within the search results. 

How to Create a Video for Your App Store?

Follow the below steps to start creating videos for apps:

  • Brainstorm Ideas 
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Creating an engaging video for your app ASO within the limited time frame requires you to come up with innovative ideas. Conduct brainstorming sessions to flesh out ideas that can attract and engage your target audience. 

  • Choose Strategic Highlights

Your app’s video is usually the first impression of your app to the audience. Focus on a chosen few features that stand out and reflect on the essence of your app. This can help you add value or solve a problem, thereby resonating with your audience.

  • Create a Storyboard

When you have decided the context of the video, convert your ideas into structured and sequential format. Use storyboards to do so as it can help you understand how you want to place the video and make each second count. You can outline shot sequences and flow and conceptualize how the final product will look like.

  • Add Animated Graphics

Incorporating animated graphics can make your video engaging and enhance the app preview experience. Whether it is text pop-ups for functional demos, these graphics can emphasize app elements to demonstrate their functionality.

  • Format and Upload

Before you post the video, follow the formatting guidelines carefully to ensure you are guided by the respective app store rules. Maintain the necessary aspects to ensure your video is approved by the corresponding platform. 

Important Factors to Maintain in App Store Videos

To create an effective app store video for ASO marketing, you need to avoid common mistakes. Follow the below checklist to get the best results:

  • Maintaining a Clear Storyline 

A common mistake app marketers make is failing to establish a clean and coherent storyline. Your app video needs to convey your app’s features and value proposition in an engaging narrative. Focus on making a smooth flow for your videos and avoid overwhelming your viewers with disjointed or cluttered visuals.

  • Balance of Information

You may want to highlight every key detail of your app in the app video. However, doing so can overload your video with too much information, leading to viewer fatigue and confusion. So, if you focus only on the core features, that app video can deliver an impactful message. You can divide your video into different segments and highlight each feature that can engage your viewers.

  • Focus on the First Few Seconds

There are many apps where you will find the key details at the end of the video. Doing this can hurt your app video. You need to make sure that the first frames of your video are as engaging as possible. Users typically watch the first few seconds, so if you don’t deliver your key message within this short time frame, you can lose a potential viewer.

  • Make Quality Videos
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The quality of your app videos significantly matters. Blurry visuals or poor production quality can quickly turn potential users away. Invest in professional equipment and editing software to ensure your result is a polished and visually appealing video. 

Don’t neglect the poster frame as it leaves the first impression on the users. Moreover, avoid small fonts, splash screens, or unnecessary information. These can hinder the viewing experience as users can get confused with too much information. Also, consider the orientation of the video according to your app store so that they are engaging and immersive. 

  • Optimize for Sound-off Viewing

Less than 2% of users click the unmute button in app store videos. Therefore, do not rely on audio to convey your message. Use animations, clear texts, and visual cues to relay your message effectively without any sound. 

  • Maintain Complete ASO Aspects

App store videos are one aspect of the complete ASO app store optimization process. You need to encompass all the ASO optimization elements including keywords, app descriptions, app store SEO, reviews, and ratings. Maintaining all these factors will make your app work as you want, making it discoverable and appealing to potential users. 

Tips for Effective App Store Videos

Here are some tips you can implement for successful app store videos:

  • Implement User Feedback 

The most important app video tip is to get user feedback. It can help you identify insightful information regarding your video’s effectiveness. It can help you understand if it’s to reach your intended audience. Conduct user testing to identify how different segments of your audience react. Implement their feedback to bridge the gap and improve your video.

  • Conduct A/B Testing 

Execute A/B tests of different versions of your app video. This can help you consider different elements like the messaging, visuals, and placements of your call-to-action. Analyze which video performs better in terms of conversion and engagement and refine them for maximum effectiveness.

  • Showcase Real In-App Footage

Use real in-app footage to make your app more relatable and build trust. It can help viewers understand your app’s functionalities and how it performs in real life. 

  • Leverage Online Resources

Enhance your videos by using different ASO services, app store optimization tools, and online resources like AI-powered solutions to streamline your video creation process. Make sure you do not completely rely on these tools and use your creativity and judgment before launching the final video. 


Thus, app store videos can positively impact user conversions if made the right way. Elevate app search optimization by posting quality videos in the app store. Abide by the necessary steps and follow the tips to ensure your app video is successful.