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Every visual element of your app has the power to attract more traffic. One of the critical elements is the app subtitle. App subtitles are the captions that appear just below the app title. It will appear at all different places in the app store, like the search results, product page, and top and category charts. The app subtitle can be up to 30 characters long.

The Importance of Subtitles in Mobile Applications

  • The app subtitle is a key element  for app visitors before installing your app. 
  • The subtitle will have the most relevant keywords indexed by the app store for an optimized search result. 
  • Hence, the subtitle has a prominent role in attracting a relevant audience to download your app.
  • A well-optimized app store listing can significantly improve the app’s visibility which mainly includes your app’s subtitle.
  • Nevertheless, the keywords you place in the app subtitle are vital to influence the app store algorithm. Read on to learn the tips and techniques to optimize your app’s subtitle.

The key link between the app title and the app store algorithm.

  • The words in your app’s subtitle impact the keyword ranking and the app’s traffic.
  • The main keywords that you place in the subtitle have the second strongest weightage in influencing the app’s visibility. The app’s title is the first and the most important influencing element.
  •  Apple app store algorithm considers keywords in your app title, subtitle, and keyword field. Hence, you should repeat the keywords or use the plural forms.
  • The app subtitle field is 30 characters long. So, place the most popular keywords relevant to your app and with a high search volume.
  • The keywords in the app subtitle will determine the quality and the volume of traffic your app will attract. Therefore, choose the keywords which explicitly describes about your app’s core feature.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing. Use the main keyword just once. The potential user must be able to connect instantly with the app’s functionality. So, the app subtitle must not be a random string of words that will confuse the app visitor.
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Tips for creating the perfect app subtitles.

  • Do not repeat or duplicate the keywords. The subtitle has to be short and straightforward.
  • Include the app name and brand name. Highlight the app’s core feature to which the potential user can easily connect.
  • Avoid using generic words. Your keyword strategy must consider the search volume and the difficulty of the chosen keywords.
  • Think like the app store visitor. Consider the words or phrases they will use to search for your app. The most relevant ones will help you secure a good keyword ranking.
  • When localizing your app, ensure to localize the app title and subtitle accurately. It does not mean just translating but updating the subtitle that can resonate with the local audience.
  • Test different versions and update the subtitle version that shows a positive graph. You can change app subtitles whenever you release a new app version.


The app subtitle is the second important text element a potential user sees. They pause to consider the value and the feature your app can offer before deciding to download. 

A well-optimized subtitle naturally attracts more traffic to your app. To ensure the traffic you receive is converted into installs, the keywords you place in the app subtitles play a vital role. The keywords in the subtitle, in addition to improving the app’s discoverability, also ensure you target the right group of audience.