An app icon is the first and the most influential app element that a potential user will most likely notice about your app. It should be unique and stand out from the other apps in the search result. The app visitor might ignore it if it is too colorful with many graphic details. For an app store visitor, there are umpteen options to choose from. There are several apps in the same category as yours offering unique features to users. So, your app icon has to make the first impression count. Design an app icon for Google Play in a pleasant color palette with minimal or no text; the user must be able to relate to your app’s core feature instantly.
A user usually has over 30 apps on their mobile. Your app icon must be eye-catchy for them to remember and revisit your app regularly. So, make it readable across different mobile devices. Users must not neglect and uninstall your app because the app’s uninstall rate will affect your app store ranking.

Google Play app icon size requirements.

  • App icon size must be within 512 x 512 pixels.
  • In 32-bit PNG format.
  • Color space is sRGB.
  • Max file size is 1024KB.
  • Full square shape.
  • Shadow: None.

Designing tips for a Google Play app icon.

  • Do not add shadows. Google Play will do it for you after you upload the app icon design into the system.
  • Google Play store will automatically round the corners for all the uploaded app icons with a radius of 20% of the app icon’s size.
  • Avoid adding badges to your app icon. Google Play does not recommend badges embedded in the app icon.
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How to create an impressive app icon for Google Play?

Understand the key factors influencing your app icon’s design. 

  • App icons’ adaptability is vital. Users may view your app icon on different devices through different channels. It should look appealing at all times and on varied backgrounds.
  • Your app icon’s recognizability is very important to boost conversions. Experiment and redesign the app icon so thatit can stand out from the crowd!
  • Maintain color consistency while designing the app icon. The color combination of your app’s UI must match the app icon.
  • Finally, giving your app a distinct design will make it stand apart from all the other apps in the same category.

Choose the appropriate style for your app icon.

  • Flat icons are best suited for utility apps that are pretty straightforward and practical.
  • A skeuomorphic style is similar to real-world objects and can be used depending on your target audience.
  • For an enjoyable user experience, illustrated icon style is the best choice. It works well for fantasy or game apps where illustrations are used to hold the user’s attention. 
  • 3D style app icon is a perfect choice for 3-D games with a pop-out style for the users.

Stay updated about the trends in Google Play.

  • Unlike App store users, Google Play users take less time to decide on the download after viewing your app store listing. So, make the first best impression count.
  • Google Play users prefer watching videos to understand your app service or product. Hence, optimize your app video to improve app conversions.
  • In Google Play, the app description appears above the screenshots. So, draft a compelling app description.
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Run tests to know the app icon’s performance.

Create versions of your app icon and test them regularly to understand how it is received in the app store. You will know how each change or update to your app icon influences impressions and downloads.


The app icon has a crucial role in deciding the success of your app on the Google Play Store. Implementing a proper ASO strategy will help you optimize your app icon. An optimized app icon will increase the app’s conversions and user base. Designing compelling App icon is also important before launching your app in Apple App Store.

However, tracking the app store trends to experiment and test your app icon is equally essential. Adhering to the app store’s app icon size guidelines will simplify the task of designing an appealing app icon.