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The ratings and reviews your users leaves significantly impacts your brand value to the potential subscribers of your app. The more you receive positive reviews, the more your future users get impressed and end up installing your app.

Getting optimistic reviews and ratings and showing considerable user empathy to the negative reviews are two building blocks of your app store optimization strategy. The challenge is to render reliance to your new users by competing your competitors. 

So, all you have to do is to urge your users to leave reviews and ratings, no matter if you even attract some negative reviews as well. Read this post to know how you can encourage your users to rate and write reviews for your app. 

The importance of requesting users for app reviews

  • Getting positive user reviews in app store listing page and showcasing them hits the the spot. 
  • For most app store visitors, checking the reviews and responses of user experiences becomes a major deciding factor before downloading your app.
  • The higher the number of ratings and reviews you receive, the better your app store ranking will be. 
  • Google Play Store will index the keywords used by the users in the app reviews. It will be used for your app’s categorization and ranking.
  • No need to feel blue when struck with some negative reviews. Careful and empathetic replies from your developer’s team will change their mood, or at least your potential subscribers will witness how you care for your users, attracting them at the end. 
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Tips for Getting User Reviews: What to Keep in Mind

  • The existing users usually give ratings and reviews based on their in-app experience. For a good in-app experience, your app will receive a good rating. Be cautious with the frequency of the review prompts to not annoy the user and push them to leave a very low rating.
  • Set lesser triggers for the review pop-ups and make them in a friendly and professional tone. Set the triggers for time/event-based pop-ups so the user gets enough time to engage with your app. Since triggers for single action will send pop-ups too often.
  • Give your existing users enough time to explore and experience the features in your app. If you prompt them for a review at the beginning of their journey, the reviews and ratings might be biased. They need time to experience the app’s benefits and be convinced to leave a positive review.
  • A few users might refuse to leave a review or rating. For such users, instead of turning off the review prompts, you can change them to a lesser frequency.
  • Under any circumstance do not use fraudulent ways to increase the app ratings and reviews. Google Play and Apple app stores will take strict action against such apps and ban them from the app store. Avoid paying for fake or negative reviews for your competitor’s app and luring users with incentives in return for a positive review.
  • Review Gating is another shady practice that can land you in trouble. Only the positive user reviews will be shown in the app store listing, and the negative ones will be directed to the app’s customer support or website.
  • Ultimately, adhering to the App review and rating guidelines laid by the app stores is best for your app’s brand image.
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  • App reviews and ratings are valuable acknowledgments that you receive from the users. Whether it is a positive or negative review, it is vital for the app’s growth. 
  • While positive reviews boost your app’s conversions, negative reviews can indicate the app’s issues or weak points that will help in the app’s optimization. 
  • Therefore, encouraging your existing users to give reviews and rate their app experience is vital for the app’s brand image. 
  • After viewing the app creatives, a significant percentage of app store visitors will go to the reviews and responses to better understand your app. 
  • The feedback shared by the existing users will build their trust and become the deciding factor for them to download your app. 
  • Hence, prompting existing users for reviews and maintaining a high number of ratings and reviews can immensely benefit your app.