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An average person receives around 121 business emails per day. This has led to people stopping publicly posting their email addresses. Along with that, bots are constantly eliminating emails to protect users from spam. In this case, how do you get the email address of a person? Let’s check the different methods on how you can do so.

Significance of Finding Professional Email Addresses

In the dynamic B2B landscape, direct communication with leads and prospects is essential. As a marketer, you need to contact potential clients in order to boost your sales by engaging with them. Whether it is for research, connecting with prospects, or scouting opportunities for collaboration and feedback, getting that email address is your ticket to driving your sales agenda. 

There is a risk of spammers misusing emails for dubious reasons. However, in the B2B market, you have valid and compelling reasons to search for them. By finding email addresses, you present yourself to your prospects, rather than waiting for them to knock at your door. Therefore, by using the right strategies and tools, you can continually add new prospects to your email list and improve their deliverability rates. 

How to Search for Email Addresses?

Here are some of the effective steps on how you can find the email address of your prospects:

  • Collect the Person’s Basic Information

One of the most basic steps to get emails from your prospects is by obtaining their information. You may know the name of the individual or their company name. This process is usually easy since you already know the name of the person. Other details that you may require to find a business email address are their company domain, phone number, social media handles, or their job title. 

  • Do a Quick Google Search

A proper Google search can also help you find the email address that you are looking for. Simply put the name of the company and add the keyword “email” in the search bar. For instance, if you are searching for Harvard’s email address, then type Harvard email in your Google search bar or any other search engine to get the desired result. If you are using Google, then you will be able to find the email in the meta description in the relevant search result. 

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If this simple search does not work, you can use Google operators to narrow down the results. Write “email site:harvard.com” in the search bar to leverage this advanced search method to find the relevant email address. 

Although this is a free email search process, note that if the lead has not attached their company email ID to their website, this method will not bring any fruitful results. Also, this can be a time-consuming process if you are trying to generate a ton of leads for your company.

  • Network with the Help of Social Media

Social media is a great way to find email accounts of your prospects. These platforms allow you to directly connect with them. For instance, you can utilize LinkedIn for networking. Instead of making a direct inbox sales pitch which is quite unprofessional, you can talk about their recent achievements, about their company, or any topic related to their industry. The idea is to form a connection with them through which you can nurture a relationship that can help you find the email address. 

X (formerly Twitter) is another effective medium where you can get email addresses. Search for a company’s Twitter handle, and you will be able to find their emails along with the links to sites they are engaged with. Although this process is time-consuming, you can build credibility by networking which increases your chances of converting your potential prospects into leads. 

  • Check the Contact Us Page

Every company has its website which consists of a “Contact Us” page. On this page, you can find information about the company along with the company’s address, email, and phone number. You can get the email from this page or send an exploratory email to their main mailbox. 

If the email reaches the administrative coordinator monitoring the company’s email, the chances are they will connect you with the appropriate stakeholders. Keep your mail non-salesly so that it piques the interest of your audience. 

  • View the Author Page
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The author’s page is another potential source where you can find the email of your potential prospect. Check for their contact information or you might also come across their social media handles on this page. Reach out to them and foster a relationship that can help you take your next step for your sales. 

  • Subscribe to Your Prospect’s Mailing List

Almost all companies send weekly or monthly newsletters via email. These newsletters consist of promotional activities, industry or company news, or a product or service launch. Signing up for their email is a great way to engage in conversation with them. You have the opportunity to mail them and increase the scope of getting a reply since you are already a subscriber.

You can also reach out to different social media platforms and share your opinion about the information you read in the newsletter. Build a rapport with the author from where you can get access to the email addresses of the key stakeholders.

  • Search an Email Directory or Database

According to the needs of your company, you may need to contact multiple prospects of the same company. In this case, you can utilize email databases to find the relevant emails and automate the email verification process on a larger scale. By using these databases, you can also get detailed information like job titles and locations, among other details. 

  • Use Online Email Address Finder Tools

One of the fastest ways to find any email is by using bulk email finder tools. These email lookup tools assess their updated database to find the relevant email address you are looking for. There are a variety of email finder free tools that you can leverage. 

For example, Hunterio is an email search site where you can input the name of the company, business, or person you are looking for, and it will come up with the company’s email address. Snovio email finder is another useful tool where you can find the email with the aid of the company name, the name of the person, or the company’s domain. Anymail finder also provides you with helpful results where you find emails by name and company. 

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On the other hand, Apollo.io creates relevant search criteria to find individuals and add them to their email lists or contacts. AeroLeads is another efficient email search tool that also helps you find the personal details of your prospects like their company name and contact information. Alternatively, you can also use an email finder extension and choose the best email finder that suits your needs.

  • Use Email Verification Tools

It is integral to ensure high deliverability rates by testing email addresses before sending out marketing emails. Relying on guesswork for business contact information can lead to increased bounce rates and the likelihood of emails being marked as spam. So, conduct email verification using different IO tools like ViolaNorbert or Captain Verify. These tools streamline your entire process, improve your response rates, and ensure your emails reach the intended recipients.

  • Contact Via Live Chat or Support Chat 

You can also use a company’s Live Chat or Support Chat system to reach out to them. While companies don’t often publicly share their emails to prevent spam, engaging in a chat conversation can bear fruitful results. A good introduction about yourself and your businesses increases the chances of getting a positive response. Although this method is free, it can be inefficient because of time constraints.


Thus, there are multiple ways to check emails of your prospects. Follow the different methods listed in this blog on how to find emails. Find the method that works best for you. You can mix and match different methods and ensure you get the relevant results to increase the opportunity of more leads, and therefore more sales.