In the Google search bar, apart from searching for blog posts, web pages, images, and videos,  you can also enter specific file types followed by the file extension type to get specific results. Let’s find out how you can do this type of search with examples.

What are the Different File Types You Can Search on Google?

You can search for different file types with the aid of Google Search operators. These are essentially codes that inform Google the type of results you want or don’t want. There are a variety of files you can find on Google; however, some of the popular ones are:

  • HTML
  • Google Earth
  • Microsoft documents (including PowerPoint, Excel, etc)
  • PDF 
  • Image and video formats

How to Search Search File Type in Google?

There are numerous ways to use Google’s filetype search operators. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Search Filetype on Google

This is one of the easiest ways to search for a specific file in Google. Use the “filetype” operator followed by a colon, then type the document you are looking for along with the keyword. The search operator will be- filetype:code keyword/phrase

For example, if you are looking for a book in PDF format, then you can do a Google search PDF in the following format:

filetype:pdf Pride and Prejudice

  • Search for Multiple File Types by Combining Commands

You can combine different filetype search operators to find more than one kind of a file. You can do this search by putting “OR” between the search operators. Therefore, the search operator will be- filetype:code OR filetype:code keyword/phrase

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For example, if you want to find a file on digital marketing, you can enter:

filetype:ppt OR filetype:pdf digital marketing

  • Exclude Words or Phrases when Searching on Google Search by File Type

To exclude certain words from your search by file type, you need to use a minus (-) sign. Here, the search operator for the Google search filetype will be- filetype:code keyword/phrase -keyword or filetype:code keyword/phrase -keyword phrases

So, for example, you want to look for a weekly exercises PDF but exclude the word “yoga,” this is how you need to search:

filetype:pdf weekly exercise -yoga

  • Search Google for Files in Specific Domain

Search for a file type on a specific website by following this Google Search operator-  filetype:code site:URL keyword/phrase

For example, if you want to search for PPTs on, you need to type:

filetype:ppt site:

  • Exclude Results from a Specific Domain

Now, if you want to excuse certain results from a search, you need to use the minus (-) sign. Your search operator would be- filetype:code -site:URL keyword/phrase

By continuing with the last example, you can do Google filetype search like:

filetype:ppt -site: word search

Examples of Google File Types You Can Search

Here are examples of how you can perform different filetype searches:

  • PDF files (Adobe Portable Document Format): Search for ebooks or whitepapers on SEO-

filetype:pdf SEO

  • PPT or PPTX files (Microsoft PowerPoint): Search for presentations on app store optimization- 

filetype:ppt app store optimization

  • DOC or DOCX files (Microsoft Word): Find guides, articles, checklist about pet health-

filetype:doc OR filetype:docx pet health

  • XLS or XLSX files (Microsoft Excel): Search for budget spreadsheets-
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filetype:xls OR filetype:xlss budget

  • ODP files (OpenOffice Presentation): Find presentations on SEO best practices

filetype:odp SEO best practices

  • ODS files (OpenOffice Spreadsheet): Search for spreadsheet for profit analysis-

filetype:ods profit analysis template

  • ODT files (OpenOffice Text): Locate comprehensive guides on mobile SEO optimization-

filetype:odt mobile SEO optimization guide

  • RTF files (Rich Text Format): Search for resources on Python coding tactics

filetype:rtf Python coding tactics

  • SVG files (Scalable Vector Graphics): Find visual representations of SEO ranking factors-

filetype:svg SEO ranking factors

  • TEX files (TeX/LaTeX): Identify academic papers on technical analysis

filetype:tex technical analysis

  • TXT files (Text): Find plain resources on keyword research-

filetype:txt keyword research

  • XML files (Extensible Markup Language): Search for sitemap files for well-structured websites in your niche-

filetype:xml sitemap

Tips for Searching by File Type on Google

  • Make your searches more specific by using long-tail keywords or phrases.
  • Add certain words or phrases that are associated with the file type you are looking for to narrow your search.
  • Combine a filetype search with other operators to enhance the search results.
  • Make use of Google’s advanced search settings to refine your search results further.
  • Try alternative file extensions or different filetype variations to get the content you are looking for.


Thus, by using different search operators, you can get specific files for your search. By following the search operators listed in this blog, you can not only learn how to search for PDFs on Google but also different file types. So, try and experiment with the different operators and find out exactly what you are looking for. 

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