Digital advertising is evolving at an accelerated rate. It can adapt to the preferences of new users and help capture the market for you. So, you must know the latest methods to make this mobile app advertising effective. Apple and Google Play Store allow you to advertise your app in the app store. These ads appear at the top with an ‘ad’ label, which appears even before the top-ranked app. In addition to other advertising models and channels, mobile advertising also gives a range of opportunities to grow your app. For example, App store ads, in addition to boost your app ranking, also give you an edge over competitors. 

Be it in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, using app store ads allow you to quickly reach the front line.

Advantages of App Store Ads.

Stay ahead of the competition

Implementation of an app store optimization strategy can help your boost keyword ranking and organic app visibility. App store ads can accelerate your app growth by taking your app to the top position in the search result, even ahead of the organically no.1 rated app.

Reach your target audience quickly

The app store ads appear within app stores, where potential users search for specific apps. So, your ad is the best convincing element for the user deciding which app to download. Active promotion and user acquisition take place without any hurdles.

Reduce your user acquisition costs

App store ads are a cost-efficient method of acquiring new users. Apple and Google Play will use your app assets as leverage for the ad. So, with an optimized app store listing page and a minimum budget, you can run the ads.

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The role of ASO to boost your app ranking.

  • Every time an app store visitor clicks on your ad, they will land on your app store listing page. So an effective app store optimization strategy is essential to benefit from the ads.
  • Your app store ad arouses the curiosity of the potential user. After which, it is the role of the optimized app elements to convince the user to download the app.
  • Keyword optimization is essential to attract the target audience. The popular keywords used in the ads and your app store listing should match. 
  • Ensure your app store ads and key app assets include the most relevant keywords that convey the main features.
  • Monitoring and studying the keyword search volume enables the app ads to perform better.
  • Use simple keywords that can drive traffic. ASO strategy will help you identify these keywords.
  • Your app store ads can promote and invite new customers. So, design appealing screenshots and preview videos that can highlight the app’s core features. 

Essential tips for running app store ads.

  • Beat your competition and attract potential users by running app store ads.
  • Optimize and experiment with the app elements and present them as creatively as possible.
  • App Store ads rely on a strong ASO strategy. So, ensure your app’s UI and UX are flawless and exciting.
  • Optimize keywords and use identical ones in the ads and the app’s contents. And users will be able to relate to and trust better.
  • The message or values promised in the ads should match the app’s functionality. Else you might face increasing uninstalls.
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