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Ad Networks

Ad networks provide you a platform to monetize your apps. These networks are a sell-and-buy marketplace where you can benefit from buying ad spots. Since the target audience is already on a mobile device, ad viewers do not have to switch platforms to install a new app.

Steps to App Monetization through Mobile Ad Networks

  • You need a mobile network to either sell ad space or increase user acquisition by buying ad space.
  • Choose a mobile network with a massive audience in your target location that suits your app brand.
  • A good ad network ensures fair rates, high eCPMS (cost per thousand impressions), target audience, and quality ad graphics.

What best ecpm mobile ad network means? | Key terms related to Ad networks.

Ad publishers are ad developers trying to monetize the app by allowing advertisers to place ads within the app. eCPM is the critical metric they track and focus on.

Ad advertisers: If you are trying to place an ad within other apps, you are an advertiser. Advertisers focus on return on ad spend (ROAS) and the impact on user acquisition.

Ad mediation platform: You can access multiple ad networks by integrating a single SDK. It can increase app revenue by reducing the efforts of ad publishers. In addition, it brings you the highest eCPM by combining ad buying methods.

Different types of mobile ad formats.

Ad Banners.

These are the simplest ad formats for mobile devices. They are rectangular-shaped images or graphic or text ads that appear within an app’s UI. 

Even as these ads are displayed, the users can continue to use the app. Banners can be turned into a standard banner or MREC, and you can refresh them after a period.

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Video ads.

Video ads are more appealing and exciting than images or texts. So, they are used to attract an user’s attention.

They are considered effective in conveying the message, connecting with the user or giving a preview of the product/service.

Native ads.

Native ads seem natural in an app’s UI. These ads are not intrusive or distractive because they do not look much different from other posts in the app. However, they work well when you do not want to disrupt a user’s engagement. In addition, native ads can blend well with the app’s interface so they can enhance the user’s in-app experience.

Interstitial ads.

They are full-screen ads in which the user must complete a task, wait for a time limit, or press exit to close the ad. Remember, too many interstitial ads can frustrate the users and thus risk attrition. However, on a positive note, these ads work well if implemented optimally.

You place several ad types, such as 360 video, playable game previews, interactive ads with shake and vibrate, AR for real-life integration, and many more.


Before joining an ad network, evaluate a plan to monetize or acquire new users. Then, identify the app elements and the app’s USP that can bring more traffic.

An app’s category can also affect the ad formats that will perform well and be non-intrusive to the users. Finally, you can look out and choose the mobile ad network that has everything that your app needs. A proper ASO strategy and a couple of testing and analysis can help you arrive at the best ad network.

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1. What are ad networks in app monetization?

Ad networks are third-party platforms that connect advertisers with app developers to display ads in mobile apps for monetization purposes.

2. What is the importance of ad networks for app monetization?

Ad networks are crucial for app monetization as they provide a stable and consistent revenue source for app developers. They can also help target the right users with relevant ads, optimize ad formats and increase app visibility.

3. What are the different types of ad networks available for app developers?

The different types of ad networks available for app developers include mediation networks, incentivized networks, interstitial networks, native ad networks, and rewarded video networks.

4. What factors should app developers consider while choosing an ad network for their app monetization strategy?

App developers should consider factors such as user experience, revenue generation, user engagement, eCPM (effective cost per mile), fill rates, and ad mediation capabilities while choosing an ad network for their app monetization strategy.