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Free Internal Link Checker Tool

Streamline your website maintenance with our free Internal Link Checker Tool. Easily identify and fix broken links, ensuring seamless navigation and boosting your site's SEO. Enhance user experience and elevate search engine rankings effortlessly.


Internal linking is critical for on-page search engine optimization (SEO). It establishes an information hierarchy by connecting different pages of your website. It allows users to navigate your website easily and also helps in spreading link equity or ranking power around websites. This is where a link checker tool becomes beneficial for maintaining the SEO best practice. 

What is an Internal Links Checker?

Internal link checker tools help in identifying the health of your links and aid in the optimization process. It also contributes to building internal linking structures, along with identifying and resolving references. Moreover, it simplifies the process of obtaining data for a specific URL or an entire website while consistently tracking, monitoring, and detecting errors. 

What Does the Link Analyzer Tool Do?

Using an SEO URL checker can help you scrutinize the links identifiable by search engine crawlers or spiders on a particular web page of your site. Search engines rely on crawled links to index and ascertain the website’s structure, as well as the relationships between its pages. This internal website link checker assesses various aspects, including:

  • Overall quality of links identified on your webpage
  • Count and percentage of both internal and external links, with links to subdomains categorized as internal
  • Type of anchor used (Text link/Image link/Mixed link)
  • Classification of the links (Internal link/External link/Subdomain)
  • Count and percentage of duplicate links
  • Number of links featuring an empty anchor
  • Quality of image links lacking Alt tags
  • Number of links marked as “Nofollow.”

Benefits of Using Internal Linking Checker

Leverage our internal link checker tool to evaluate all internal links and experience numerous advantages:

  • Get Detailed Link-Related Results

Unearth comprehensive insights for each URL on your website with our link finder tool. You can gather essential information, including status codes, dofollow and nofollow status, as well as anchor text details. This tool provides a detailed snapshot of each URL and helps you make informed decisions for optimizing your website’s structure and content.

  • Identify Duplicate Links 

Use the internal link analyzer to systematically scan your website to identify instances where the same link appears more than once. By efficiently finding and categorizing duplicate links, it aids in streamlining your website’s structure. Therefore, it eliminates redundancy and ensures a cleaner and more user-friendly navigation experience. It also improves website efficiency and contributes to enhanced SEO by presenting a concise and relevant link profile.

  • Detect Linking Errors

Check SEO URLs to seamlessly detect and rectify linking errors with our tool. It generates a comprehensive list of problematic URLs, offering detailed instructions for resolving issues. This acts as a proactive measure, ensuring your website maintains optimal link integrity, thereby enhancing user experience and search engine visibility.

  • Internal Backlinks Validator

Gain a deeper understanding of your website’s inner dynamics by accessing internal backlinks and anchor data. This tool allows you to explore the inner references for a specific URL and provides a complete list of internal backlinks. This in-depth analysis helps you refine your internal linking strategy, ensuring a more cohesive and effective web presence.

  • Find Subdomains and Trends

By using this tool, you can easily identify subdomains and trends in your website, allowing you to treat them as integral components of your website’s internal structure. So, when a link redirects to a subdomain, this insight is prominently displayed under the link type category as “subdomain.” This provides a comprehensive overview of your internal linking landscape and facilitates the development of adequate optimization strategies.

  • Track and Monitor Changes

Experience continuous monitoring and tracking of changes with our link analyzer tool. It includes backlinks tracking and maintaining a complete history of alterations and errors. By staying proactive, you can address these issues promptly, preventing potential disruptions and maintaining the health of your website’s internal link structure. 


Thus, maintaining proper internal links positively influences your on-page SEO and improves the visibility of your website. By using a link checker tool, you can identify any issue and effectively resolve them so that it results in an enhanced user experience. Leverage our tool to streamline the whole process and save time and resources.