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The new version of Google Play Console will be released on 2nd November 2020. Read further to learn about the key updates and the changes you will have to make to your app.

Key changes in the new Google Console.

Improved interface.

The new Google Play Console is based on Google Material. This design language system applies to all of Google’s products. The well-structured set of styles makes the interface easy to use and as intuitive as possible. 

The Google material design system makes reading and scanning easy by typography and space. This is done by providing a simple information hierarchy.

The responsive system makes it easy to use across any device, at home or on your mobile. The new Google Play console has a provision for right-to-left languages such as Farsi, Arabic, or Hebrew.

Navigation made easy.

The navigation system in the new Google Play Console provides specific features in groups. This is to ease your efforts by providing you with the right optimization and reporting tools that are relevant to your goal.

The key navigation options are:

  • Release – for easier testing and roll-out.
  • Grow – for acquisition and optimization tools to analyze the app performance and conversion rates.
  • Quality – for user reviews and feedback along with crash analytics.
  • Monetize – to plan and structure the in-app purchases and codes for in-app promotions.
  • Policy – guidelines for the Developer Program policies of Google Play.

A better understanding of release overview.

The release overview with the improvised layout gives you a clear picture of all your tracks. So, you can now view details about your production track and also internal, open, and closed tracks for A/B testing.

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You can now quickly review the number of users testing your app or the recent countries you have launched.

Publishing is made easier.

Publishing is newly called Managed Publishing. You can use this section to get a clear understanding of the changes that are under review and accordingly plan to publish on Google Play.

With the new Managed Publishing, you will get a complete snapshot of the changes for all your releases, app store listings, and others. You can review, update all the changes and then publish.

Clearer policy and compliance information.

The new Policy compliance and App content options allow you to quickly review the accuracy and adequacy of the information provided to Google Play. You can fix the issues or update the necessary details in this status section.

Tips to benefit from the new Google Play Console.

  • Monitor when your competitors are releasing updates or new features and the countries where they are performing well. Learn from their ASO strategies.
  • The traffic generated through Google App ads is combined under the source as Google Play search. So, a keyword analysis will help you track the traffic and segregate it between paid and organic.
  • It is crucial for you to analyze the changes that you made to the key metrics in the app store listing. You can do so for your competitor’s app to understand the impact of these changes on the app’s growth.


The latest changes to Google Play Console are to make the efforts of the app developers easier. The tools are sectioned to suit your goals, with information structured in a clear hierarchy. Therefore, the app’s growth becomes smoother with an improved focus on your goal. The new features facilitate easy data collection, review, and analysis. Stay informed of the new Google Play Console updates to benefit from its simplified structure and navigation system.

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