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Among the many updates shared by Google Play, the updates that can influence app user acquisition and enhance app optimizations are more important for the app developers and marketers. Learn latest Google Play updates To Boost your app growth.

These updates include improved store listing experiments, LiveOps, and custom store listings. Understanding these new features and their importance can help you create strategies to increase app growth.

Some of the recent updates announced by Google are:

  • The new Google Play SDK Index addresses the privacy and security initiatives to keep the ecosystem safe for users and developers.
  • Tools to maintain and enhance the app quality along with the app lifecycle.
  • Features like LiveOps provide new ways to acquire new users and engage with existing ones. This feature also influences the app revenue growth with new subscription capabilities.
  • The Play Integrity API feature is available to all apps and games to detect fraudulent and risky app interactions.
  • Play’s app integrity tools like Play App Signing enable you to securely sign millions of apps on Google Play.
  • The data safety section tool enables you to showcase your privacy and security approach to gain the confidence of the user to download the app.
  • The New subscription capabilities offer a better developer experience, making the subscriptions selling on Google Play easier.
  • The In-app Updates API feature lets the app users know the app updates in 15 minutes instead of waiting 24 hours.

Key improvements to drive app development

Customized store listings

The custom store listings allow you to target a specific audience instead of using the main store listing. Google has increased the custom store listings from 5 to 50 along with deep links and analytics. As a result, developers can have localized store listing, customized content, and quality app engagement. 

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Deep links help you bring users to specific store listings. This makes getting to the target audience easier and gives a more personalized user experience. Google Ads campaign targeting is a new update for the developers to run a native app install campaign. 

Improved user engagement

Developers who have access to the LiveOps feature will be able to showcase the real-time events and offers, key updates, and in-app content for better user engagement. As a result, developers can gain 5% more active users and 4% higher app revenue using this feature. 

“Offers,” a new type of LiveOps that allows you to showcase the app’s promotional content to users. You can promote the app’s subscription trials, rewards and deals, and exclusive discounts.

The deep links in the feature allow routing the user to the desired part of the app, which can significantly influence the conversion rates and give a better experience for the user.

App Conversion tools

Google Play’s commerce is the best platform for a developer to optimize a monetization strategy by giving access to global buyers and tools.

The In-App messaging API allows checking with Google play when the users open your app. It will prevent you from losing subscribers due to payment declination.

For the app developer and the marketer to boost your app growth, it is essential to stay updated on the latest features and tested updates in the Google Play store. These updates are crucial to optimize the app store listing and improve the app’s user base. 

Google play store listing experiments

Google’s app store listing page is a key asset for you to showcase your unique offering to the users. Running tests can improve the store listing. Google Play has made more control and better transparency possible to experiment and give reliable results. The new controls are the time needed for test completion, confidence level, and minimum detectable effect.

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