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Latest iOS Features

Apple launched the new iOS 15 in June 2021. This new exciting operating system offers app developers a range of latest iOS features and updates.

Exploring the Latest iOS Features for In-App Use

  • In-app events was the first of the three new features of iOS that was released in October 2021. These in-app events help you attract new users, connect with existing users and make the previous users retain. It has received a great response among game users and other app category users.
  • More apps will soon begin to adopt in-app events as the central aspect of user engagement for their great benefits. Enhancing your app’s visibility, achieving loyal users, and improving app monetization are some of the key benefits of in-app events.
  • Apple released the analytics for in-app events in January 2022. The analytics tool available in the app store Connect can give details of downloads, app page views, notifications, and reinstalls after the in-app events. So, tracking the performance of the in-app events is made very easy.
  • In-app events appear in the app store listing and the search results. In addition, in-app events can now appear in the feature section and increase the app discoverability multifold.
  • The keywords you use in the in-app event name, and app description can get indexed. So, ranking these relevant keywords in the search results can be boosted.

What is custom product page in iOS 15 | New Features

  • Users are now able to personalize product pages based on their respective user groups. This customization enhances the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
  • You can create different sets of product pages and share them via URLs. These links can be used anywhere in your marketing campaign (paid or organic) to improve the app’s awareness and attract more traffic. 
  • Custom Product Pages is a compelling feature which improves the app conversion rates and ROAS (return on ad spend).
  • You can use the unique custom product page URLs in the “StoreKit-Rendered ads” that support several ad networks. This tool enables the potential user to download the app from the ad instead of redirecting them to the app store listing page.
  • Apple Search ads support these Custom Product Pages (CPPs). So, according to the relevant keyword sets and user groups, you can create many app variants. This will boost your app’s discoverability and expand the user base.
  • The Custom Product Pages will not impact the search results ranking. They appear in special featured sections like Apps Tabs, Today, and Games. Therefore, your app visitor volume will not get affected.
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Optimizing Product Pages: Exploring the Latest iOS 15 Update Features

  • With the release of the product page optimization feature, you can run A/B tests on the default app page. Therefore, this feature will play the primary role in increasing the organic conversion rate.
  • Only the iOS 15 users will see the product page optimization A/B tests. So, you will have more sample population as the adoption rate improves.
  • You test up to three versions of the screenshots and preview video with the product page optimization feature. You can submit the new creatives for review, which will take a day to get approved. For instance, a review is not needed if you are testing the order of the existing screenshots. However, you must submit it for review if you are testing the app icon.
  • Another benefit of product page optimization is selecting the number of users who will see your test variant and the default app product page. Managing and tracking the variant’s performance becomes easier.


The iOS 15’s new features have made app marketing more effective and provide better user engagement and experience. While the custom product pages feature can enhance the performance of your UA campaigns, the product page optimization feature helps you to improvise and expand your user base. 

Most of the new features in iOS 15 are in your favor while also improving the overall experience for the target audience and existing users.