Apple search Ad is a marketing channel that helps people discover your app. All your hard work has got you among the top-ranking apps in the app store. You have a praiseworthy user base, and the organic app traffic seems to be increasing. Congratulations on this remarkable feat. 

However, there’s one caution. 

We do not intend to dampen your spirits, but it is our responsibility to inform you about the tricky position your app will be pushed to regardless of your #1 ranking. The reason is the daunting presence of Apple search ads in the app store. This can get even more challenging if you are a player in a saturated app niche segment (e.g., fitness or photo editing)

There is fierce competition across all verticals, with over 20 million registered iOS apps that are accessed by 500 million visitors every week. So learn the right way to run the Apple search ads that are the perfect medium to reach your target audience before the competitor does.

What are Apple Search ads?

Apple search ads are a powerful user acquisition tool that connects the app with the relevant audience. The keywords in your app functions are used as the tool here. So when a user searches for an app using the common keyword, your app would surely pop up on the top list. These ads appear at the top of a search results page, displayed in a blue box that is labeled ‘Ad.’

Why should you use Apple Search Ads?

  • Apple search ads are the best campaign strategy to boost the app’s visibility.
  • The App store displays a list of apps by narrowing down the search result, so a relevant search term in the ads will enhance the app’s ranking.
  • Apple search ad campaigns use high search volume keywords to bring more app store visitors to your app.
  • For using creative sets, which is a tool that uses a combination of screenshots and previews that contains the most popular group of keywords; it targets the prospective user audience.
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Key features of iOS Search Ads

  • 70% of App Store visitors know which apps they are looking for.
  • Find the target users at the exact time they are looking for your app.
  • Fix the bids and budgets and update them according to your share of ad impressions.
  • View detailed reports of all key metrics
  • Pay installation cost and only when a user clicks your ad
  • Benefit from the Quick-view dashboard to track the ad performance
  • Build a unique ad using relevant keywords for your target audience.

What can you do to secure the app’s top rank?

The developer can use an app radar feature that will

  • Keep a watch on the keywords the competitors use when running ads.
  • Learn about your share of impressions per keyword and your competitor’s.
  • Be alerted about aggressive campaigns run by competitors using your app name.

Action points when running Apple search ads

  • Use the same keywords as your competitor while running ads.
  • Increase your bid when your share of ad impressions per keyword falls.
  • Get proactive. Use your competitor’s app names to run campaigns.
  • Protect your brand and play defense campaigns.
  • Run ads on the high popularity relevant keywords.

The apple search ads appear at the top of the results. So it is undoubtedly the perfect marketing format that you need to make you stand out from the crowd. The App Store visitors are well aware of which app they are looking for. With the right combination of keywords and an ideal iOS Search Ads strategy, your app is sure to grab the interest of the visitor. So stay ahead of your competitors to give your app the appreciation it deserves.

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