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Google search console data can be exported to BigQuery. However, there’s a limitation – the dimensions.

Ideally, we like to export the following pairs – Keyword, impressions, clicks, country, device and landing page. So, a single row of data looks like the following:


Search Console Bigquery

App Rank Tracker, 1000,20, US,  Mobile,  https://nextgrowthlabs.com/app-rank-tracker

Now, the standard Bigquery export does not allow splitting the data in all these dimensions. This is why, we have created our own tool to get the data in these dimensions to the destination. Sure, you can use various etl tools – but there’s not enough focus on dimensions that enable actionable insights.

How Does Google Enable Search Console Export to BigQuery.

  1. You can view this document which entails the complete process.
  2. When you export your ad data to BigQuery – it too has a standard table that shows search console data.

How do we Process the search console data

  1. Use search console API to get the data in the preferred dimensions.
  2. Send it to a database – we use both Postgres and Clickhouse.
  3. Use any visualisation tool to create drive insights.

How to Get Access

We do provide this service (billed on the number of rows of export, our clients do get this for free). We can write the data to any database – Snowflake, Clickhouse, Postgres etc.

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