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Starting March 15th, many sites have noticed drop in impressions. This primarily includes the sites that have written AI generated content, or lists. You won’t see the penalty anywhere. Simply look at your impressions and the chances are – the ones that are written using poor AI prompts will have very less impressions.

Now, the extend of the penalty depends on the percentage of content that was generated by AI. Aggregated lists are essentially a collateral damage of this update.

Is there an impression drop on all websites?

No, this is present only on the sites that have lists, AI generated content (primarily written by Poorly designed prompts). While there are great plagiarism detection tools, it’s very hard for it to account for every type of plagiarism.


How to Fix the Impression Drops for Sites effected post March 15th?

We are working on this problem, and if you’d like to join forces with us, please reach out to us at contact (at) nextaso.com. We have noticed that in the sites where less than 50% of the pages were penalised are coming back to track. (However the impressions are nowhere close to where it was in the past). We have developed an automated title changer for WordPress/Webflow sites – so that we can regularly push updates on those sites, and see if we can recover more lost ground.


Does it mean that you should stop using AI to generate content?

It’s better to stay away from using AI on your main sites. However, if you must, then it’s very important to engineer your prompt for good results. Generative text has very little scope for penalty. However, if you ask AI writers to rewrite an existing text, Google may be able to detect it (already, or in future), and may levy penalty.

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