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App Store Optimization improves the app’s visibility and the overall growth of your app. The app reviews and feedback from the existing customers help you comprehend the performing aspects and the critical app issues. You should promptly respond to app reviews on the app store where users share their opinions and app experience.

It becomes a major influencing factor for the potential users before downloading your app. Therefore, you must encourage and request that users leave a review and rate their app experience.

Top 4 tips for responding to app user reviews.

The below-mentioned tips will make reading and responding to different app reviews effective.

Use a sincere and simple tone.

Anyone from your team with access to App Store Connect can reply to the app reviews. Ensure that the replies are consistent, reflecting user empathy.. Keep your app’s brand value in mind while replying and interacting with the users. Most of your app visitors tend to read the reviews and your replies too.

Reply with respect and regard for the user.

Understand the user’s view and leave a reasonable and respectful reply. Do not use inappropriate language. Replies that spam or are promotional will negatively impact your app store ranking. Using any user’s personal details in the app reviews section is strictly prohibited. In scenarios where the user claims are unreasonable, remember the App store rules and respond appropriately.

Acknowledge the user.

Thank and acknowledge the users who decide to spend their valuable time writing feedback of your app. Address them personally, and mention a specific aspect from their feedback. Make them feel valued and important. Acknowledge their suggestions, and let them know that their opinions are considered helpful.

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Do not neglect the negative feedbacks because you will learn much about app-related issues or updates from them. Read and respond to these reviews promptly and in a positive tone.

Maintain a positive tone.

Read and address the app feedback and reviews with a positive mindset. Even if the feedback is harsh and unreasonable, keep your cool while applying. Emphasize the values and features of your app subtly. You can suggest solutions or inform users about upcoming updates.

You can raise a concern with the app store against inappropriate or abusive reviews. The app store team will evaluate and remove the reviews.

Tips to get more ratings and reviews.

  • Request the existing users to give a rating or review. You can use a popup or a message inside the app.
  • Find the right moment to ask for a review from the user. For instance, when the user completes an action or receives extra points from the app.
  • You can use other channels or platforms for advertising your app and asking for a review. If you are a new app, the user reviews can significantly help to improve.
  • Prompt the user for a review when they log in and out of the app. But set the prompts at longer intervals so you do not irritate the users.


Ratings and reviews determine the pulse of your app. Maintaining good reviews and ratings is crucial because it helps in user retention and conversion. Potential users rely on the app reviews and your replies when deciding to download. So build trust and bond with the user by promptly responding to these reviews because these are a cost-effective form of advertising. 

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App reviews become the windows for the users to understand better the features, support, and value they will receive by downloading your app. Therefore, quickly respond to app reviews and gain the potential users’ trust and your existing users’ loyalty.