App Store Optimization is for everyone. We always wanted to make it accessible for every developer to market their app. Many things – like keyword tracking, review monitoring, and building screenshots/app websites etc is cost prohibitive.

Another problem is that – most of these services are not assorted – so a developer ends up spending separately on each tool.

If you are an indie developer, busy in building great products, these may just be cost overheads. Joel Spolsky, the co-founder of stack overflow sums it up brilliantly in this conversation.

This tool offers two more advantages:

  • Quick A/B testing of texts.
  • A lot more window to experiment – and you can greatly reduce the time in every test iteration.

We decided to reduce the barrier to entry. Therefore we are launching another tool – this one – enables you to create screenshots, websites for your app on the go.

What does the tool offer?

  • Create Screenshots – with right resolution – for your mobile app.
  • Build a website – quickly – and deploy it. (Without no programming effort).


We are offering beta access to first 100 users. In case you are interested, please fill this form for a beta invite. We are currently running it through last minute checks and are due to release the beta version by 4th week of June.

Just like our ASO Keyword ranking tool and Slack App Review Monitoring tool – this would be either free or come with generous limits. In case you are an existing client, you’d directly get an invite from your respective account manager shortly before the launch.

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