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A tool for play store reviews to Slack

Why this tool?
Delay in replies to app reviews – cause points of friction at multiple levels. It causes fiction in the user experience, and it adversely hits conversion rate. Imagine seeing an app with negative reviews – which are not replied to.

But then, we may not have bandwidth, or may be too busy to reply to them via PlayStore console – and well, it’s not one of the most pleasant interfaces – and gets even more complicated if you have multiple apps or are logged into multiple accounts.

We felt that this needed to change – and wanted to bring this to the larger app developer community. Here are some top features and use cases:

  • No more reaching out to console admin or account owners for access request to new members in the support team.
  • Reply to reviews directly from slack.
  • Comprehensive report on who replied to which review and when – without any complicated setup.
  • Easy analysis of these reviews in a user friendly interface.


A screen grab of NextGrowth Labs Review Tracker for Slack


Manager’s Dashboard – track replies to all the reviews by respective team mates.

We are offering beta access to first 100 users. In case you are interested, please fill this form for a beta invite. We are currently running it through last minute checks and are due to release the beta version by 2nd week of June.

Just like our ASO Keyword ranking tool – this would be free with generous limits. In case you are an existing client, you’d directly get an invite from your respective account manager shortly before the beta launch.

Update June 15th 2021

The tool is live, and can be accessed at https://tool.nextgrowthlabs.com

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